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Jan 28, 2013 05:53 PM

Honest Kitchen, Scarborough ( Sheppard & Midland ) - Honestly Good Chinese food!!!

Located right next to Scarborough's famous Maple Yip, this relatively new Cantonese seafood restaurant, IMHO, will give its celebrated neighbor a serious run for their money!

Arriving early, we were greeted by one of the friendliest lady server ever to look after us. The place was bright and roomy with pictures and banners of house specialties plastered all over the walls! Looks like this form of display is the norm amongst Scarborough Chinese restaurants!! Interesting??!!

Before ordering, we were informed of their current special. Any order resulting in the bill being over $38, one can order their $13 roasted pigeon for $1....!!!!!! That is one hack of a deal!!

Our meal consisted of the following dishes:

- Complimentary Soup-of-the-day ( Pork with carrots and turnips ).
- Hand held, oil poached fried free range chicken.
- Deep fried jumbo oysters with honey sauce.
- Braised goose web with Chinese mushroom in abalone sauce.
- Stirred fry glutinous rice with diced Chinese wind-dried meats, sun dried
shrimps, Chinese mushrooms and cilantro.
- Hand held fried/roasted whole pigeon
- Complimentary dessert ( Sweet pumpkin, taro and sago rice soup )

Though no single dish manageD to deliver a 'wow' factor. However, the majority of dishes were above average in their taste and execution and manage to outshine quite a few of their Markham/Richmond Hill competition. Only disappointment was the free range chicken, which was a bit dry and overcooked.

Two dishes did deserve a special honorary mentioning. The delicious and grease-less stirred fry glutinous rice with over generous ingredients and the perfectly cooked crispy skin and unexpectedly 'juicy' pigeon!! The latter, one of the best rendition in the GTA.

Overall, a satisfactory and very reasonable priced meal. For sure I will be back to sample more of their specialties.

Lastly, it would be interesting to keep a close eye on how these two neighbors 'slug it out'!!!

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  1. Right next to Maple Yip!!

    1. Another great recommendation from Charles. The place was packed last night. I probably got the last reservation.

      Good food and great value. We ordered the chicken, chinese broccoli with beef, the fried glutinous rice (a family favourite), stir fried lotus root with pork neck meat, S&S pork, salty egg yolk deep fried mixed mushroom and the pigeon (another fave).

      Chicken was good. Broccoli was excellent. Our rice - was good but did not find ingredients overly generous. S&S pork very good quality. We loved the salty egg yolk vege dish. Bad for health but great taste and we can never resist this style of cooking - whether for crab or veggie. We liked that there was plenty of egg yolk but not overly salty. Just the right amount of flavour. I remember having something similar to this at one of the restaurants that was famous for crab with rum sauce as well (they also did a great fish intestine with egg dish).

      And some dishes last night were in the 7 or 9 dollar range. So great value.

      Thanks Charles.

      We were surprised place was so packed and they had to turn down several walk-in customers. Maple Yip was full when we left. We had tried it on several occasions but somehow, my family is loyal to Magic Wok. Maybe we will try it on another occasion.

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      1. re: caitlink

        You are most welcome Caitlink! Always a pleasure to spread worthy chow-news to fellow fraternity members.
        Heard their Sweet & Sour Pork was good but did not have a chance to try it last time. Going there next Monday to use their complimentary coupon! So will definitely try the S&S pork and Egg Yolk mushrooms!
        I wonder if being there when the restaurant was still relatively empty would make a different in how much ingredients the chef put into the Glutinous rice?!
        Magic Wok?!! I ate their food six months ago. Some were so expensive and bad I vowed not to return until they change management!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          Yes, Honest Kitchen is very good value and good food. Most places now charge $12 plus per entree (still cheap by Cdn standards) with seafood topping above $20.

          Which is why when we go fine dining, we prefer Casa Imperial. A little bit more but great ambiance and service.

          Overall, I found Honest Kitchen good value. they were very busy and did not have enough waitstaff. We were there early. if we went around 7pm, I would think our wait between each dish would be even longer.

          We stopped by the shanghai frozen dim sum place but unfortunately soup dumplings were sold out. maybe next time i am in the area.

      2. Thanks Charles. Tried this place for lunch. The pigeon was very good. The glutinous rice was luke warm but still above average.
        They also have very good lunch specials.

        1. Another dish to try is their egg batter-fried bitter melon, very light and delicately flavoured.

          Their lobster was a bit overcooked and on the sweet side.

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          1. re: Royaljelly

            I like their "Goose feet" and "yellow eel" very much.

          2. Closed. Replaced by Oxland.