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Jan 28, 2013 05:28 PM

Crooked Handle on New Mauviel Pan - By Design?

I just received a sauté pan and noticed that there's a slight twist to the handle - about a 10% lists to the left. A cursory search did not return any discussions regarding this issue. I have another Mauviel piece, a 250c fry pan, and that one just has a straight as can be handle. Anyone know if this is just a variation in design between different lines or is it a defect to this particular unit?

This sauté pan is from the "M'tradition" line and it seems not to be widely available through any major retailer so I could not find much literature on it. Any insights would much appreciated - thanks in advance.

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  1. I have a 3.5 qt stainless lined 2.5 mm copper saucepan with a cast iron handle and the handle is slightly crooked as well. It is crooked where it is riveted to the pan. I purchased it used so I can't be sure of its origins. I believe the pan is mauviel. It is stamped made in France. I have been incredibly happy with it. I did a search when I first purchased the pan and couldn't find anything.

    1. Hi, goodthyme:

      Visualize the casting of your handle. Things can bend and twist a bit in the process before the iron is poured in and solidifies.

      I have a larger Dehillerin extra fort saute whose handle is canted about 10 degrees toward tangential--sort of a mild case of cookware Peyronie's disease, but I find it strangely ergonomic.

      I prefer to see these things as beauty marks, the work of human hands. But in a world of ISO9000 uniformity, I can understand them being taken for defects.



      1. Id say that the handle is bent and it is a defect. I am actually quite suprised that it wasnt caught before shipping because the defect is quite obvious.

        Id suggest that you send those same photographs to Mauviel for their decision.

        1. Handle is bent. I'd send it back where you bought it and ask for an exchange/refund.

          1. Hi, again, goodthyme:

            This morning I looked at all my "iron" long-handled sautes and saucepans. Of 18 pieces, only ONE is perfectly straight, plumb and square. One, a Mauviel, is twisted to the right about as much as yours is to the left.

            A little individuality in these handles is to be expected, IMO. As I wrote before, I think in your pan's case, it was a mold issue. But these handles also have some ductility/malleability as well, so when they're riveted to the body they "give" a little in order to make a good, gapless fit.

            Has the twist in yours affected its use or your grip?


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            1. re: kaleokahu

              Thanks all, for your insights and sharing personal experiences. After some consideration I decided to keep the pan. As Kaleo pointed out initially, it is a handmade item after all, so some imperfections does lend a certain amount of uniqueness to the piece. I suppose the initial consternation arose simply from the fact that it was a not an inexpensive pan, for me at least, and was a piece that I hope to use for years to come.

              Aloha, Kaleo:

              Fortunately with this particular pan, the canted/twisted handle might be working in favor of my personal ergonomics, as jljohn alluded to. As I'm shuffling and lightly tossing the food while cooking I don't find resting the thumb/wrist at the twelve o'clock position necessarily natural for me. If I close my palm with a relaxed grip on the handle, my wrist has a natural off-angle orientation, almost the same as the pan's. So, all's well ends well, =)

              *sorry for the late response =P