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Jan 28, 2013 05:26 PM

ISO Twinings black currant teas

Hi. I am getting desperate to buy Twinings black currant tea. All my original suppliers don't have it any more, saying that their distributor doesn't stock it anymore. The last place I found it was Old Europe on St. Laurent and I bought all their stock back in October.

I have tried to write Twining's Canadian distributor and no luck. If anyone sees Twinings (I only like their version of the tea) anywhere while they are perusing the tea aisle, please let me know.;. I will be ever grateful.

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  1. I would like to find ANY Twinings herbal tea. I also got it at Vielle Europe, and one or two types were at Metro or Provigo on Parc, too. Not any more (you can still find black or green tea).

    Thanks for any leads.

    1. I happened to be in IGA Nun's Island on Sunday and lo and behold they had it again! I don't know whether the distributor started shipping it again for some reason or whether it is available everywhere it used to be but that is good news. If other people see it anywhere else, let me know.

      Shattered, they also had Twinings herbal teas.

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        Thanks. I won't be going to Nun's Island but maybe they're in the IGAs near me.

        Does Twinings have a black currant black tea blend, too (as well as a black currant herbal tea)? Is the black tea black currant blend what you're asking about? Because I'm pretty sure I saw it at Vielle Europe last week. I can double check in the next few days.

      2. I meant black currant black tea blend, not the herbal black currant tea, which I don't like. Yes, let me know if Vielle Europe has it now. Thanks.
        PS Marche Richeliu on Decarie near NDG Avenue also has Twinings Herbal Teas.

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        1. re: williej

          I followed up your IGA lead at the Place Dupuis (Berri UQAM) location, and they have a really good selection of herbal and regular Twinings teas, but no black currant in black tea or herbal.

          But they're also on sale this week - only $3.50, so go if you like Twinings in general.

          Stopped by Vielle Europe and didn't see it, but they had all sorts of other flavoured black teas - lemon, orange, etc. - and two empty rows beside them, so I'm pretty sure they were just out (didn't think to ask though) since I'm sure I saw it there a couple weeks ago. I think that's your best bet in that area for that specific tea.

          Metro on Parc has a good selection of herbal and regular Twinings, too, but again no black currant and not as good as IGA. Provigo sucks for Twinings.

          1. re: williej

            IGA at Complexe Desjardins doesn't have a very good selection, somewhere between Provigo and Metro..

          2. You can order online from the Twinings website, however, both blackcurrant teas are out of stock at the moment

            Here's the link to the online shop

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            1. re: westaust

              Thanks . I wrote to them to find out what is going on and no reply as yet.

              1. re: williej

                Now all my suppliers (Fruit Bowl in Mtl West, IGA Nuns Island, Vielle Europe, Marche Richeliu, Fouvrac)are out of it again, and have not restocked. In the smaller stores, I asked the owners and they said it wasn't available. One store owner said the Canadian distributor is incompetent and he has had all sorts of problems with them.
                So my yearly plea....anyone see the Twinings Black Currant Tea (black tea with currant flavour) in Montreal. Time to stock up again. (You would think if a store runs out of stock, they restock this flavour, but all I see are pomegranate and orange flavoured teas!)

                1. re: williej

                  Would you consider ordering online?

         has a pack of 6 boxes (20 bags each), if this is the right one:


                  Or individual boxes:


                  Free shipping on orders over $25.

                  1. re: kpzoo

                    Thanks. This will be helpful. If I can't find a local store that stocks it (I prefer to spend my money locally rather than a mega online company), I will order from Amazon. (I have about half a package left right now, so I have about a week and a half left of supply).