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Jan 28, 2013 04:58 PM

Andouille Sausage - What grocery or specialty stores in Plano/N. Dallas

carry any or even have a selection of reasonably good available? The good stuff defined as anything generally available in Louisiana (Savioe, Manda.....etc).

Making Gumbo this weekend need to find it.

Appreciate the help!

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  1. Hirsch's Meat Market in Plano sells many different types of sausage. Give them a try. As always, I'd call first, though.

      1. re: CocoaNut

        I Live in Allen - That's a straight shot across 121 for me.

        Need to check that place out anyway....

        1. re: masnole

          They have a very small (about 3 tables) eatery. The boiled shrimp in the case are quite alluring, but if you're tempted to order a plate of fried shrimp, you'll be sorely disappointed when you are served frozen popcorn shrimp. :( That said, the fried oysters were small (a couple of months ago), but tasty and barely cooked, as they should be.

          If you cook red beans and rice, be sure to pick up a bag of their Camellia brand beans. You'll be surprised at the creaminess of the finished bean and liquor as compared to the local grocery store brand.

      2. Call TJ's Fresh Seafood Market

        11661 Preston Rd, Dallas

        (214) 691-2369

        1. Kuby's in Snider Plaza (Dallas) has a pretty good andouille. Almost as good as what I buy at Dorignac's in New Orleans - makes a pretty good gumbo.