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Jan 28, 2013 04:20 PM

Good steaks in San Antonio?

About 4 years ago I was spending a lot of time in San Antonio on work, and I will be returning for a business trip soon. One piece of unfinished culinary business is to find a good, reasonably priced steak. Surprisingly, I found it difficult to find good local steaks in Texas, the alleged American capital of beef.The best steak I had on my many trips was at the Little Rhein Steak House on the Riverwalk, but you shouldn't have to pay $100+ for a decent steak dinner. (For example, I can get a very good steak dinner for less than $30, including wine at the Marie-Louise Bistro in Baltimore).

The best steak dinner I had the last time I was a semi-regular visitor to the areas was, oddly enough, a chain called the Texas Roadhouse, which actually has its corporate offices in Louisville, Kentucky. This was the place recommended to me by my local colleagues, so perhaps even the locals realize that the Texas beef mystique might not apply to steak, but rather to barbecue brisket. (In which case, where's the best barbecue in San Antonio?)

For what it's worth, I will have a car, so forays into deepest suburbia are a possibility.

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  1. I like Texas Land and Cattle on the Riverwalk, very reasonable prices, an original Texas chain of 26 with stores in a few other states. BBQ, drive to Luling and or Lockhart. Now, for the alleged best beef crack, let's talk the alleged American king of crab, Maryland. Fact is, much of it comes from the Gulf Coast, particularly Texas.

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    1. re: James Cristinian

      "Now, for the alleged best beef crack, let's talk the alleged American king of crab, Maryland. Fact is, much of it comes from the Gulf Coast, particularly Texas."

      Well, yes, it's true that most of our crab might be coming up from the Gulf Coast, but the actual crabcakes are still made in Maryland.

      1. re: ConsApi

        I'll wager your crab cakes are better than anything we have here, since we use good Texas beef in ours. Now, the Carrabba's on Kirby in Houston, original non chain does a really good one. I lament the passing of fresh crabs down here, only a couple of places left that still do crab, and you to have to drive an hour or so to the coast, the big ones all go up north. The people down here are into crawfish, which I love, but folks say crabs are "too much work." Go figure. Anyway, try Texas Land and Cattle for a good reasonable steak, enjoy your visit, and no we don't use beef in our crab cakes. At least take a trip to City Market in Luling if not Lockhart as well for great brisket, and even better pork spare ribs. It's not all beef down here.

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          They're not in season right now, but last year we were getting live hard-shell crabs from Groomer's every other week. Not real big, but very sweet and tasty. Having grown up on Maryland crab in the NE, I'm bummed there aren't any good crab places around here.

    2. Don't waste your time with Little Rhein this time around. Our last two times there we said "no more". Quality has gone down on meat and not worth the price. It never was a great steak, but you paid for the atmosphere. One of the best steaks we had last year was, believe it or not, at the Colonial Room at the Menger Hotel. Grilled perfectly med. rare and tender. BBQ is another topic. Rudy's probably gets my vote for Q in San Antonio. Lockhart or Luling gets the vote if you drive out of town.

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        Yeah, I walked by the Little Rhein, and say the steaks (just the steaks) were starting at about $50. In the end, I went to a Saltgrass steak house near my hotel by 410, and had a nice ribeye for lunch. One of the better steaks I've head in Texas.

        As for BBQ, I went to Rudy's,, and while, as always,I enjoyed the vibe sitting on the picnic tables by the open fire, the brisket they served me seemed a little dried out. And I had ordered it "moist," And they did give me cuts from the point, so it should have been moister.

        Anyway, I should do a more complete trip report, I had mostly good meals on this trip

      2. Bohannon's downtown. Not cheap but probably one of the better steaks in town. For barbeque, you really need to drive about 50 miles to Luling or Lockhart. Just about any place in those two towns will be superior to anything you might get in San Antonio. That said, I have enjoyed Two Brothers on the north side of town.

        1. I've given up on steakhouses, too expensive for little value added. I hate the trend of everything being a la carte. I'd rather buy a nice prime rib-eye at Costco and cook it on my Weber kettle. I save my meals out for things that I can't or don't want to cook at home.

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            I hear you! I also limit going to steakhouses and prefer to find a chef run joint where there is some creativity and flavors that make you go "wow".
            And I;m getting better at cooking steak at home. Fired up some whole foods ribeyes tonight and new method worked great

            1. re: saeyedoc

              I mostly agree - however there are some steakhouses in the country where you can get a quality of meat that you can't find at Costco. A truly great ,aged steak is indeed something to behold and is worth 40 bucks ala cart. You just cant find such a thing in San Antonio (as far as my experience goes).

            2. Funny - Texas Road House is probably the best steak I've had around here, too. On Weds (I think) they have $11 sirloin steaks . .definitely the best $11 steak I've had.

              I've tried a couple of our higher end places and was mostly underwhelmed. If I was visiting from out of town and wanted a kind of "San Antonio" or Texas type experience . .I would recommend either The Barn Door or Tejas Rodeo company. They both have good steak - Tejas probably a little better - but the places are great. Tejas has actual rodeos on the weekends and The Barn Door is one of the oldest restaruants in SA.