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Anyone tried the new Planters "NUT•rition Peanut Butter"

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Planters call them "NUT•rition Peanut Butter" and they look like basically granola mixed into peanut butter.

But one that is on the horizon and soon-to-be released is a Cherry Chocolate Peanut Butter. Just typing those words makes me sort of want to gag.


Anyone try these yet? I can't imagine fans of "smooth" PB getting up and making a run at these new NUT•rition Peanut Butter varieties ...

(And let's not digress into a big discussion about HFCS or Hydrogenated Veggie Oils, and how it's better to just make your PB, or store-bought PB has too much sugar, etc. Thanks.)

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  1. I have! And I found it vile. I tried the "Energy" mix, which has dried banana bits and granola mixed in. I got a medium jar on sale for $1.25, so I thought, I'll try.

    Here's the thing: unlike crunchy or "super chunk" PB, the granola bits (or the banana bits) do NOT dissolve--you cannot fully chew them. It's like chewing gravel, and literally hurt my teeth. I like banana chips. I like peanut butter. But not this.

    It got spread on a pinecone, rolled in seed, and hung on a pine branch for the birds in the back yard.

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      Thank you for 'taking the hit.' I love chunky peanut butter, and I love bananas, but I do not like gravel. You saved me 3.49. I'll stick with my super chunky jif with sliced bananas instead

    2. I got a jar of one that had dried cranberries and peanut chunks in it. I think it was a buck at Big Lots. I'm a smooth PB person, so it was okay but meh....

      However, I used it to make peanut butter brownies, and the stuff found its true calling. Very yummy!

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        My sister brought me over a jar with the cranberry bits and a few peanut bits and personally I liked it. I liked the chewy little bits of cranberry with bits of peanuts which gave an interesting texture. I did think the peanut better part of it reminded me of that dryish peanut butter you get in peanut butter cups. Having eaten about a third I was in Target and was going to pick up another jar. It was $3.89 versus the $.99 at the 99¢ Only store (best by date was this month, however) so I picked up some more there. The other versions sounded a little bit too weird to me so I passed on those. I may change my opinion, but as of right now I liked it on crackers.