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Jan 28, 2013 02:23 PM

The Eastward March Continues--Boiling Noodles Opens in West Covina

Thanks again to TonyC for another heads up, this time for Boiling Noodles in West Covina, which appears to have opened up earlier this month. Boiling Noodles is a variation on the mini hot pot, with all the selections in the form of noodle soup. There are about ten choices, half with vermicelli (e.g. curry fishball noodle), half with standard Hong Kong thin egg noodles (e.g., siu mai noodle). I had the chicken siu mai noodle pot, and it was very tasty.

Reiterating the sentiment expressed by TonyC, for those who complain about having to drive to Monterey Park or San Gabriel to get your Chinese food fix, enjoy the drive while you can, because in a few years you might need to drive to West Covina or Walnut instead.

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  1. Well if Chinese restaurants keep moving east who is gonna stay behind in the 626? I'm sure this is more expansion than it is migration.

    1. too many mini hot pots. hot spot was another recent opening (boiling point clone minus the classiness, eh on food) now this.

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        They'll continue to open and expand as long as there is demand for it. Drive by any boiling point or jazz cat (kinda) and the lines are still out the door (especially the boiling point in sg with a ridiculous amt of people waiting at night).

        The crappy ones will close up come summer, while the others will continue to expand. It's just much easier to eat a mini hot pot with just 1 or 2 friends than to gather a group of people for expensive communal hot pot when you can just make it yourself at home.

        Mini hot pots are still good enough and novel enough for people to line up for, throw in taiwanese tea house style drinks, snacks, and dessert and they'll continue to stick around.

        What's shocking to me is the ongoing dominance of hand cut noodle / dumpling places.. now THAT is a real problem lol