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Jan 28, 2013 01:26 PM

Seaport area - restaurant with private room?

I am getting married this June in the Seaport area and looking for a nearby restaurant where I can have a rehearsal dinner. We are thinking it will be pretty small, maybe 20-30 people. Do any of the restaurants in that area have private rooms? or even a separate area that could accommodate our party?

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  1. I know several that definitely do: Empire, Strega, Del Frisco's, Legal Harborside, Menton, Morton's, Smith & Wollensky, and Aura, for starters.

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      Thanks! I know right away that some of those (Menton, and the steak places) will be out of our price range. I will check the others out though. We are looking for something on the more casual side so maybe Legal Harborside would work.

    2. Slim has pretty much covered it. Check out the seaport hotel and also Salvatore's. Salvatores has s private room with a nice bar.

      1. look at 75 wharf too. capacity is only about 40-45, so they may entertain a buy-out.

        1. Amrhein's isn't too far and has a room.

          If you're staying at one of the hotels, you could probably bring in catering from KO Pies, which is nearby.

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            a hotel won't allow outside catering if you are using one of their function spaces.