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Cosmopolitan Restaurants/Bars/Lounges

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I would like to know your thoughts on any of the restaurants/bars/lounges you have been to in the Cosmopolitan Hotel.
Quality of food, ambiance, is it worth the price, quality of cocktails, average age of customer etc.

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  1. I've only eaten at the Wicked Spoon, the buffet, and we liked that a lot...maybe even better than the Buffet at Bellagio. I've heard nothing but amazing things about the Greek restaurant-Milos-and their fixed price lunch special so that will definitely be on the list when we stay here in March.

    1. E by Jose Andres is excellent. Scarpetta is very good. Both have mixed age groups.

      1. I liked Jaleo a lot. Huge variety of Spanish dishes; bright, festive atmosphere; mixed age crowd.

        1. I've eat at Wicked Spoon, DOCG, China Poblano, and Holsteins.

          Wicked Spoon was a great buffet and I wish I had gone there again on my most recent trip instead of Bacchanal.

          DOCG was a great meal and the server there recommended Jaleo very highly. I wish I had the chance to check it out. Everything I had (except, perhaps, the assagini, was somehing I was glad I ordered).

          Both China Poblano and DOCG have great desserts (mango "sticky rice" and and caramel budino, respectively). Holsteins had a good burger, but nothing to rave about.

          All of them had a very mixed age of customers, although I would say China Poblano probably had the youngest customers on average when i was there.

          1. Milos is very modern and bright in its décor. Wait staff is attentive. The $21 lunch special is exceptional value and it is worth paying an extra $10 to upgrade to octopus. The clientele at lunch were of all ages.

            1. I thought Jaleo was pretty good, some hits and some misses. The atmosphere was fun and lively, and you can get a prettyw wide range of price points depending on what and how much you order. The sangria was not so good, which was disappointing. I loved Scarpetta - possibly overpriced, but so damn good that I didn't care. Plus we had a table by the window overlooking the Bellagio fountains, so that was enjoyable. We had a few tacos to share for lunch at China Poblano and really liked it a lot, going back for dinner on our next trip (in two weeks) and excited to try some more stuff. And the secret pizza place is fantastic, we went twice in a 4 day trip for late late snacks.

              1. Comme Ca is always great. Their charcuterie is top notch and so are their oysters. the lobster thermidor is curently my wife's favorite seafood dish anywhere.
                Jaleo is fun and loud. Good food. Probably would have enjoyed it more with a big group.
                We like going to all three levels of the chandelier bar and hanging out.
                Secret Pizza is a fun experience. Standing in line while having a drink and meeting new people is fun.

                1. YES!

                  The Cosmopolitan now houses my favorite collection of restaurants on the LV Strip.

                  I've been to é by José Andres once, and it was a truly stunning meal! Definitely worth it re: food and ambiance, and I look forward to going back in a year or two. There are only eight seats, so the average age of the customer will vary by the evening.

                  é is located within Jaleo, another excellent restaurant with delicious food; a young, rather "hip" crowd, great cocktails and very good wine list. Been here three times with consistent results, and will be back.

                  Scarpetta, Scott Connant's "high-end" Italian restaurant was very, very good -- I preferred it to Bartolotta at the Wynn and B&B at the Venetian (or is it in the Palazzo?). Excellent pastas, great wine list; crowd's age varies over a wide range.

                  DOCG is Connant's more casual Italian restaurant has a younger, hipper "vibe" like Jaleo. Haven't been there yet, but it's on the list for our next visit.

                  China Poblano is two restaurants in one -- it's Chinese and Mexican, but NOT fusion. Very tasty, only been there for lunch a couple of times, but very casual, consistently good.

                  Comme ça has been disappointing in my book. Only been there for lunch, twice; not dinner. The raw bar and charcuterie are both really good, but the service is spotty and the place itself is VERY loud -- louder than Jaleo, would would (IMHO) be the second-loudest. This was somewhat surprising, as Jaleo is certainly the more "boisterous" of the two, but the acoustics in Comme ça are just awful. Decent wine list, but nothing über-exciting.

                  Milos was also good; had brunch there. Good food, iffy service (they ended up comp'ing our meal there because it was so messed up).

                  Had lunch at Holstein's once for a burger; good burger, good beers. Not phenomenal. Haven't been to the buffet.

                  Been to the multi-storied Chandelier bar a couple of times, but usually at the more quiet, mid-level spots. Good cocktails. Some levels are loud, young, and "happening," while other parts of the bar are a bit more quiet, a bit older.

                  There is one bartender in particular at the Vesper Bar that makes a GREAT Sazerac! Slightly more elegant, but no more formal -- then again, part of that, I suppose, depends upon you and your group more than anything else.