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Jan 28, 2013 01:15 PM

Champagne collection startup

I just picked up EuroCave 223 bottle fridge and am looking to start a good collection of some quality champagnes. I only have a few bottles now and prefer a champagne to be on the the drier side but not bone dry. I have a few bottles of a decent champagne Philip Prie which is good but not great. Only decent champagne in wine stores by me is Veuve Clicquot but Veuve is just not that exciting as its the ONLY one in every store.

Any suggestions on good resources where I can order online some good champagnes?

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    1. That depends upon where you are located. Why would you pay for shipping cross country if you don't have to?

      1. Lucky you! Champagne, with its high acid and beautiful fruit, will keep for years. Even the non-vintage champagne is better after a year or two. We use Wine-searcher pro version for a good pricing indication, but be aware that provenance is also important. Cuvées de Prestige, such as Charles Heidsieck Blanc de Millénaires, Mumm René Lalou, the other cuvées de prestige of the Grandes Marques, and vintage champagnes such as 2008 should be, and 2002 and 1996 were, are also worth considering. For growers, try Special Club bottlings. These are the wines which growers tend to make for themselves, and the dosage tends to be lower. Happy times! Buy 'the Finest Wines of Champagne' by Michael Edwards to whet your appetite.

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          Another great book to help you fall in love with Champagne the region as well as the wine is "Champagne" by Don & Petie Kladstrup. The story of how modern wars have affected the region and the wine.

        2. Kinda off-topic, but are wines supposed to be chilled indefinitely or somewhat close to drinking?

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            From my understanding, Eurocave maintains a set temperature of, say, 12-14 degrees, and is appropriately humidified. Champagnes should not be refrigerated for extended periods as the corks can shrink and the wine take on off flavours from whatever else is in a fridge, even if it's just stale air and a commensurate loss of the exciting CO2 component.

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              Thanks for the education! I'm glad to know that a little nook where we keep wine is about that temp 24/7/365.

          2. D&M is a good source. If you want to pay a little less,look to K&L wines, Also, Village Corner in Ann Arbor, and Chambers Street Wines in NYC.