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Jan 28, 2013 12:57 PM

What is Beef Shoulder Tenderloin?

Saw this advertised online for a restaurant week special and was wondering what cut this is? Tenderloin is typically from the short loin and beef shoulder is from the chuck. Does it make sense to you?

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  1. A way to make a cheap cut of beef sound fancy? :) Sorry, I know that's not helpful at all, I don't actually have any idea.

    1. I've actually heard of this cut before, usually at food shows and other geeky stuff, I've never actually seen it served .


      try the article above for an explnation...

      1. Went for dinner Saturday night and this was on the menu. Never heard of it before then. Had to give it a try. Flavor was nicely beefy, more than fillet mignon. Tenderness was slightly less than filet when cooked to just a little less than medium. It was served in sliced medallions about 3/4 inch thick. Overall excellent flavor and tenderness. I would order this cut again and would also buy it to cook at home. Seems like it would be excellent on the grill.

        1. It does for a number of reasons. The common one is cost see the link in chefmikebenninger's reply.

          The other reason involves religion.
          Back in the late 1970s I was in the kosher catering business. Kosher beef in the USA is only taken from the forequarter of the cow/steer. Thus loin cuts such as Filet Mignon are not kosher. Kosher butcher/processors marketed a cut called 'Eye of the Chuck' (cut from the shoulder) which was very tender, looked like a beef loin and could satisfy requests by clients for a kosher version of filet mignon. Now 35 years later the cut has gone main stream in the everyday market

          1. It's all marketing.

            I've had beef mock tenders which looked a tenderloin, but from the chuck. Essentially, I learned that one shouldn't expect a tender steak from the chuck.