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Jan 28, 2013 12:41 PM

Little Gem Saloon

In anticipation of my upcoming trip in April, I would love to hear thoughts about this newly opened place. I understand they are starting a Sunday brunch with music and it's buffet style (though the Sunday brunch I can't do anyway). Thanks!

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  1. I went Saturday with a large group for dinner. Among the standouts were the deviled eggs (3 different ones); charcuterie and cheese board (the latter by the excellent new butcher shop, Cleaver & Co.); the quail stuffed with oyster-chaurice (sausage) dressing; the pork chop with greens; and the coconut cream pie and chocolate mousse for dessert. Good wine list (white Rioja from Lopez de Heredia particularly went well with the food). Then we went upstairs for the music, in this case the Delfayeo Marsalis Quartet. Smokin band, comfortable space, attentive service. A really nice addition to the New Orleans landscape.

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      I went the evening of their soft opening. Music was wonderful. Food needed work

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        Who performed the music? Could you hear yourself think? Have a conversation? (I have not even been by the place so have no idea what the size is). At Commander's we always just shut up when the band rolls around..not worth trying. Kinda like the belly dancers at the Middle Eastern joints.. I like to watch them but would usually just as soon be outside on a chair looking in.

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          when we were there (first week) it was so loud you couldn't hear yourself, and far too bright to be comfortable.

    2. We walked over after the Cirque afternoon performance to have a drink and let the parking garage empty.

      It is a very nice space. The menu is small so it is more of a saloon. The liquor list is twice the size of the menu.

      I can see that a band on the first floor would blow the dinners out. I would hope the first floor stage would be for lone accoustic players. We were told that Delfayeo Marsalis would be upstairs later.

      The bar menu was pretty wide. A good list of Scotchs, but nothing over 12 y/o. There were several ports and, surprising for a non tapas place, three sherrys. The gin list included two Dutch genevers, very rare in a U.S. bar. They have a Boomsma Jonge (young) and Boomsma Fine which is an Oude (Old). Their absinthe and pastis list is matched by other places.

      I had a Sazerac, which was well crafted but just a tiny bit sweet for my taste. My wife, who is a Bloody Mary expert, and orders them wherever we travel, rated their BM at solid 10, high praise.

      1. I just got tickets for Kermit Ruffins on April 26th so I'm very excited! Will have Jazz Fest during the day and will it end it at Little Gem.