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Jan 28, 2013 12:26 PM

Need Halal / Zabihah Meat in North DFW area

Looking for halal and zabihah meat that is grass fed with no hormomes/antibiotics injected in them. I live in Frisco but willing to drive upto 30 minutes for good fresh meat. Just moved to the area, any recommendations? Thank you.

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  1. My favorite is Texas King Zabiha Helel at 4550 W Buckingham Rd, in Garland (Buckinhgam at Plano Rd.) Don't know if it's all grass fed, but it's the best place I've ever found for good goat meat!

    1. You also may want to try one of the Indo-Pak locations. They all have a (very) small restaurant but their larger grocery and meat market should have what you're probably looking for.

      Also try World Food Warehouse on Floyd Circle in Richardson. They have a large Halal and Zabihah meat market. Cheap, too!

      1. Thanks. I've tried one of those twinwillow and I'd like to try a different place this time. Might try the other one you recommended.

        Khatru, I might give it a try. I dont eat goat meat usually but thanks.

        I really do want to find a place that doesnt inject antibiotics. That is priority for me.

        There are two online places I found that ship grass-fed organic zabihah halal, but the shipping cost prohibits me from ordering. But if anyone or a couple of people wanted to be included in on the order, feel free to message me, maybe we can share the shipping.

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          Call them and ask if they have exactly what you want before you go.

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            Oh, Texas King doesn't sell just goat meat. They have a very full selection of all meats halal. Most of which they will cut to order while you wait.

          2. Not sure if my previous reply got posted but I mentioned that I'd be interested in splitting costs with you if you're still interested. I live in Irving , we can always meet half-way