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Jan 28, 2013 12:23 PM

St. Louis, Chicken Velvet?

Anyone know if any place serves this anymore?


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  1. Didn't someone moan about its no longer being available on a thread at stltoday? Sorry I can be of no help; even the Old China Hand rolled his eyes and scratched his head about it.

    1. A friend of mine used to order that all the time. I think it was with a lemon sauce. I was looking for it since that previous thread mentioned it. I looked up the recipe and it seems to be more of a technique than a specific presentation. Chicken velvet is chicken minced or put through the food processor and some chicken broth added and egg whites used as a binder. It can be used in soup or deep fried. They do have a chicken velvet corn soup at Mandarin House but it seemed bland to me. I wonder if that sort of thing fell out of favor because the general population prefers pieces of white meat.

      There is also "velveting"

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        The thread on STL reminded me of it. I thought I might get better info here. I remember my parents ordered it when I was a kid. Was there some sort of "Lotus Room" in the Brentwood area back when?

      2. Found this blurb in a Jerry Berger column. I am sure that the Lotus Room is where they got it.

        <If the Lotus Room on Brentwood Boulevard hadn’t existed, it would have to be invented. The late Howard Wong ran it with a steel grip and who could ever forget “Bobbie,” the server who dressed in Asian drag? Now, inquiring minds would like to have some of the Lotus Room recipes. Anyone out there have a few?

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          Yes, I definitely remember the Lotus Room on Brentwood. The server in drag with very very long fingernails was the source of much gossip and speculation in my youth. I wish I had some of those recipes.

        2. Chicken Velvet was our standard order at Chu Wa on Olive St. Road, as it was then called. Yes, they were fried patties of chicken and maybe celery and mushrooms in an egg white binder, with a cream sauce. I've never seen them anywhere else.

          1. I took my dad to lunch at Happy China on Olive and they had chicken velvet. The chicken was in a little bigger pieces than I expected. It tasted good but since it was in the sauce, it was no longer crispy. I think they would make it to order if you didn't get the buffet. Hopefully they wouldn't pull it off the buffet.