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Jan 28, 2013 12:22 PM

Late Night Dining in SF?

Our party of 6 is looking for somewhere to have dinner after 10:00 pm. on a Monday. We've been to NOPA the past couple of times, but the service has been so slow that our friends have asked us to find somewhere else. Is Globe back to its former glory, or is the old M. Bauer one star review still true? Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Here's the list I keep on my phone:

    Comstock, kitchen midnight Mon.-Sat. 10pm Sun., bar 2am daily
    Flour + Water, midnight Fri.-Sat., 11pm Sun.-Thurs.
    Heaven's Dog, closed for repairs
    Hog & Rocks, kitchen midnight daily, bar 2am Fri.-Sat.
    Lers Ros, midnight daily
    Nopa, 1am daily
    Oola, 1am Tues.-Sat., midnight Sun.-Mon.
    Thai House Express on Larkin, midnight daily
    Yuet Lee, 3am Wed.-Sat. & Mon., midnight Sun. (closed Tues.)
    Zuni, midnight Fri.-Sat., 11pm Sun. & Tues.-Thurs. (closed Mon.)

    1. A few more:
      Locanda until 12m weeknights, 1a on weekends
      Mission Bowling Club until 11p
      Wayfare Tavern until 11p

      1. Thanks! I appreciate the responses, which have been really helpful.

        1. Skimming Opentable, Cotogna takes reservations until 10:45 on Mondays and that late you can actually get one.

          Also Abbot's Cellar, Boxing Room, Comstock Saloon, Maykadeh, and Poesia.

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          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            No problem walking into Cotogna last night (a Tuesday) at about 10pm. A nice change from the several week ahead reservation required for my last time there. Seating in front of the chef made for a free pizza-making lesson, and the fire from the oven kept me warm. I had a few great items, but one killer dish--- squid ink bigoli, a long thick and wirey extruded pasta, lightly sauced with dungeness crab, mussels, & a bit of red chile. The bowl hit me with a subtle smoky aroma which I was told came partly from the preparation of the crab. The pasta's texture was uneven, ranging from slightly undercooked to dense and chewy, but somehow that made the stiff bigoli taste even more delicious. I enjoyed it so much I considered ordering a second helping. House-made mortadella with pickled vegetables complemented each other nicely, but the 95% crunch Gnocco Fritto served with them seemed more of a distraction. Much better are the similar Torta Fritta served at Borgo Italia in Oakland (open till 11pm), which have a crunchy outside and an internal chewy layer that fuses to the meat. Cotogna's vegetable side dishes continue to impress me--- the kale gratinata's kale held its texture and was topped with a light tomato sauce and a thin a crispy layer of cheese. Pricier than my usual late-night haunts, but a new priority given the difficulty of getting in earlier in the night.

            1. re: hyperbowler

              We've been to Cotogna and really enjoyed it, but I forgot they were open so late. Thanks so much for the reminder and for the thoughtful review. Makes me want to return sooner rather than later, especially for that bigoli.

          2. Comstock is where I have gone lately. A late-night great.

            Osha Thai is open until 1am (the one on Geary). It's no Lers Ros, but is pretty good when everything else closes at midnight. Could do with a few less drunken patrons from the surrounding bars, though I suppose that is a hazard of the time.