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Jan 28, 2013 12:22 PM

Restaurant that will accommodate custom seafood request?

Hi All

As the title says, looking for one of the nicer (or more romantic) restaurants in the city that would help me out with a custom starting seafood course for a table of 4.

Looking for a place that will construct a seafood tower/platter for me (scallops, crab, lobster, oysters etc.). I do know that places like Starfish, Rock Lobster Co., etc. have seafood towers on their regular menu but looking for somewhere a little higher end and with proper main courses that aren't necessarily seafood.

I attempted to ask Splendido to do this for me last year and they were definitely not very accommodating.

Was thinking about trying some of the smaller places like Edulis...

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  1. Maybe ask Beast? They're pretty accommodating.

    I also remember my friends went to La Societe and they have a seafood tower on the menu.

    1. Chiado has a phenomenal seafood platter/tapas menu. Best in the city in my opinion.

      Red Fish might also work - might be a bit on the casual side for your occasion though. I don't think have any platter/tower on the menu. The staff are always very accommodating; with advance notice I am sure they will work with your needs.

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        I second Chiado. I think it would be your best high end option for this sort of thing.

      2. Harbour 60 has a very good and generous seafood platter to start.