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Lancsater/Palmdale restaurant suggestions provided

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Hi folks,

I've seen a couple of older queries on here for people passing through the area... Thought I'd start a thread for this in hopes that folks will do a search if the need the information in the future.


First, here's a link with information on many (but not all) restaurants in the Antelope Valley area.

Good Antelope Valley restaurants are few. I should note that nearly ALL of these are in strip malls.

Fresco II, (661) 948-6677, 1983 W Avenue L, Lancaster, CA 93534
Upscale Italian and Greek. One of the pricier places in the AV, but without a doubt one of the 2 or 3 best romantic dining choices in the area. Excellent service - best in town. Mixed greens salad is yummy - ask for dressing on the side though, it varies but sometimes whoever's pouring has a heavier hand than I care for with the dressing. The Quattro Formaggio is incredible. Friends rave about the steak... I think it's a filet but can't recall for certain. The Greek chicken is fantastic, and my best friend LOVES the bow tie pasta. They have a good selection of wine, beer, and whiskey - probably other alcohol too for that matter. I can't recommend this place highly enough (we love it so much we held our wedding rehearsal dinner there).

39340 10th St. West
Palmdale, CA 93551
Excellent gyros and gyro plates. Service is excellent. Recently threw my husband's birthday party here, most of our friends hadn't been there before and everyone loved it. One did mention the falafel wasn't very good. Their rice pudding and baklava are both yummy. They have belly dancers typically every Saturday night.

Tokyo Steak
Benihana Style
2106 East Palmdale Blvd, Palmdale
1024 East Avenue K, Lancaster
We frequently eat here, good sushi, good sesame chicken, love the veggie tempura. Not to die for, but a good staple - consistent. Also fun, the guys who cook for you are always funny and entertaining.

Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar
38575 6th Street East, Palmdale, CA 93550
My sushi-eating friends said this was the best sushi they'd ever eaten! The owner gets up every day at 3 AM to drive to LA to buy his sushi. I had the chicken teriyaki - presentation was fantastic and it tasted even better. Also had the mixed tempura (veggie and shrimp) - also wonderful. This is one of those hole-in-the-wall places - tiny place that you'd never expect such amazing food out of... but it's excellent.

Mahli's Indian Cuisine
2007 West Avenue J, Lancaster, CA
39256 10th West, Palmdale, CA
I haven't eaten here, but I have friends who love it and eat there regularly (once a week). Can't be too bad if they eat there that often!

Tina's Ristorante
43953 15th Street West, Lancaster, CA
Upscale (well, as upscale as we get in the AV) Italian - i.e. $$$. I've only been here once; the food and service were both excellent. Seemed a lot to pay for dinner in the AV, but then again, it was excellent! I had some chicken dish and several of my friends had the filet mignon and raved. (And admittedly, Fresco II, my favorite, is on about the same price scale.
American (burgers, etc.)
Cousins Burgers
2053 W Avenue J, Lancaster, CA 93536
My favorite burger place in town. Diner style. Excellent service, excellent burger and fries. They have a far wider menu, including salads and a variety of other sandwiches. I just love their burger & fries so much I never get anything else! Pricier than fast food - we usually feed two adults for just under $20.

Katz n' Jammers
44801 North Beech Street
Lancaster, CA 93534
Open 7 Days a Week 7am-2pm
'50s theme place - staple of the AV for many many years. Good food, good prices, and friendly service (sometimes a bit slow at lunchtime because they get so busy).

There are a plethora of Mexican places in the AV... Here's the two in Lancaster where I enjoy eating

The Rusten House
43546 N. 20th St. West, Lancaster, CA
Corner of Avenue K & 20th West)
Another longtime AV favorite. My parents have been going here for 30 years, it's passed from the parents to the son as owner/operator and he knows us by name (ok well really he knows my mom by name since she's the one who orders and picks up most often).
Good prices (picked up takeout for 5 adults last week for $38), good food - typical Mexican fare. Service is good but can get a little slow when they are busy. I've been there when they were swamped and the service was super fast though as well. If you stop in and happen to see Ed, tell him Frankye sent you.

Don Cuco's
1106 W Avenue K, Lancaster, 93534
Don't eat here often but when I have, the food is great and the service is good. Prices are reasonable too.

Downtown Bistro
858 Lancaster Blvd, Lancaster, CA
DB's menu changes from time to time. With Fresco II and Tina's, it forms the romantic restaurant trifecta in the AV. Great atmosphere - gotta love a place with trees *inside*. It's also on the pricier side for this area, but I've never had a bad meal there. Service is variable - never bad, but varies from adequate to excellent depending on your server.

Outback Steakhouse
1061 W Rancho Vista Blvd, Palmdale, 93551 (by the mall)
Yep, it's a chain... but still one of the better steak places in the area. We have always had great service. A few times the food has been so-so, but we sent it back and it was corrected with no hassle. Got a free dessert a couple of times as a result :) Any place that has Newcastle on tap is good with me!

Seafood (other than sushi)
Choices very limited here in the desert!
Red Lobster
1041 W Avenue P, Palmdale CA 93551 (also by the mall)
Honestly the only place in town I've had decent seafood! Their rainbow trout is delish, and those hot cheese rolls absolutely kill me because I can eat 5 and still want more. Lobster pizza is our favorite appetizer. They also broil a good lobster tail.

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  1. Nice list. I drive through a couple times a year and am often there around lunch time. Any Thai places you recommend?

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    1. re: Tom Hall

      Hi Tom! I don't know of any Thai places off hand, but I will ask some friends who are more adventurous in their eating practices and post back with their recs.


      1. re: Tom Hall

        Ok Tom, here you go, from my friend Jackie:

        "Salatip restaurant (formerly Thai Garden) in the plaza on 20th W & K (sorta behind Denny's). We eat there AT LEAST 1x a week. They have the bext kungpao chicken ever."

        Thai Garden Restaurant
        (661) 948-0522
        2011 W Avenue K
        Lancaster, CA 93536

        1. re: Tom Hall

          The Thai (Downtown Lancaster -- I think Sierra Hwy and Milling right on the corner) is a hidden gem. They're located near downtown in one of the few remaining brick buildings. My husband loves their curries and I feel warm all over thinking about their very delicate chicken-coconut-lemongrass soup. They're perfect for a week day lunch. But I'd call ahead to see about their hours for dinner/lunch on the weekends (I've been disappointed more than once.)

          Salatip Garden is also pretty good. My restaurant snob sister from San Francisco said their spinach in peanut sauce is the best she's ever had. I love their spring rolls. Their menu includes some Chinese and more Vietnamese items.

          44759 Sierra Hwy, Lancaster, (661) 948-6464

        2. I have to second everything on Sandra's list. And here's another one:

          Bakery Express Cafe -- Once you get over the this-has-to-be-a-mistranslated name, it is a wonderful restaurant. It is the only place where you I've had cream of carrot soup in the Antelope Valley. The food is carefully prepared. The menu changes every time I'm in, but everything I've had here is good. The desserts especially -- the creme brulee is delish, but the chocolate souffle is out of this world!

          Bakery Express Cafe
          2315 E Palmdale Blvd # B
          Palmdale, CA 93550
          (661) 267-2233

          1. Nice list, appreciate it, Lancaster/Palmdale has always seemed devoid of any presence on ths board.

            1. Not quiet AV it's in Agua Dulce/Sanat Clarita. It's Le Chene Pricey but very good and very charming.

              Le Chene French Cuisine
              12625 Sierra Hwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91390

              1. While looking for more recent information, I found this: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/699395

                And Tina's Ristorante in OP's list is closed, per this short thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/678486

                With the growth in the Antelope Valley, I hope we'll get some more hound listings.

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                1. re: Lee by the Sea

                  Yes, exciting times in the AV.

                  The Oaxacan place is a gem. The Tlayudas don't look one bit different than those of the acclaimed Oaxacan places in Los Angeles.

                  Masala Magic is an Indian restaurant concentrating on Southern Indian, street food snacks and vegetarian fare. Simply like nothing else found before in this area. A year ago, I was considering stopping off at a place in W. L.A. for some Indian snack items...and now they're available in Lancaster! The take out counter looks the same as touted places in Culver City.

                  Korea Kitchen has monthly Ethiopian night. Outstanding.

                  NIce to finally see some diversity in cuisines and choices.

                  Korea Kitchen
                  44810 Valley Central Way, Lancaster, CA 93536

                2. Theres a breakfast(and lunch?) joint in Lancaster, loaded with memorabilia and your cinema -ready wise crackin waitresses, huge portions..forget the name..Iggy's or maybe it was out on Avenue I...if you find it its worth it for big, tasty omellettes....etc.real helpful,huh?

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                  1. re: lapizzamaven

                    You're probably talking about Crazy Ottos. They have several locations. Personally, I think it's overated. They serve hugh amounts of mediocre greasy food.

                    Crazy Otto's Diner
                    1228 W Avenue I, Lancaster, CA 93534

                  2. When we went cherry picking in Leona Valley last week, we tried Casa Gutierrez @ 8847 Elizabeth Lake Road. I had a chili verde burrito. It was quite tasty. I can't remember what everyone else had but the portions were generous. I'm guessing they make their own tortilla chips as they were crisp and warm. The smell greeted us as soon as we walked in the door. Salsa was good too. Sorry for this post not being more detailed.

                    Casa Gutierrez
                    8847 Elizabeth Lake Rd, Leona Valley, CA 93551

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                    1. re: Fru

                      Happy to say the AV got some new restaurants since they decided to revamp Lancaster BLVD. I have yet to try these new places, but it looks like they opened BEX Grill, looks pretty nice inside, the menu and set up reminds me of Stonefire Grill. On the same street they also opend up Brooklyn Deli, typical deli fare, double deckers and whatnot...I hope its good because ive been craving a good deli. Theres also a new gourmet cupcake shop and a place called Lemon Leaf cafe. I cant wait to go to these places, I just hope some of the locals dont ruin in.

                      Lemon Leaf
                      653 W Lancaster Blvd, Lancaster, CA 93534

                    2. I don't get up here too often, but I like Carlie Brown Farms about 10 min away from Palmdale in Little Rock. They have a nifty gift store with pretty much any trinket you can find, but the garlic fries and giant plates of Texas style BBQ are really good. Just make sure you are hungry.

                      Little Rock
                      5507 Reseda Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356