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Jan 28, 2013 12:10 PM

Ramen in Westchester

It's cold and rainy; I need ramen soup. Living in the City for so long, we'd just go to Momofuku Noodle Bar. Is there any place to go in Westchester? Is H-Mart on Central Ave my best bet?

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  1. Try Fujinoya, just a bit south of H-Mart on Central Ave. Open for lunch only from noon to 2, then for dinner at 5.

    1. Older thread here about ramen in Westchester:

      I second Fujinoya.

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        To update that old thread, Fujinoya does indeed have ramen, at least they do at lunch (the only meal I've eaten there). They have a few choices, actually. I've had the miso ramen multiple times.

      2. Fujinoya in Hartsdale has it on the regular lunch and dinner menu. Once as month have also do a tonkatsu ramen as lunch special.

        Nishi in Ardsley has is for lunch on Monday and Friday.

        Tanto in Eastchester has it all day.

        1. Makes sense that there are some options in lower Westchester. What about north of I-287?