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Jan 28, 2013 12:05 PM

Late night take out options in Shinjuku?

Hi, we arrive in Tokyo pretty late onThursday night, around midnight by the time we reach our hotel. Does anyone know of a place to grab some great sushi take out for our first bite in Tokyo? (near the Park Hyatt in Shinjuku). We are traveling with our 2 year old so unfortunately wont be able to head out to eat at that time. Any recommendations are much appreciated, thank you!

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  1. (I'm assuming you've already checked to see if your hotel has late-night room service.)

    If you're staying at the Keioh Plaza Hotel you might be able to ask the staff to pick up some take-out sushi at Kyubei restaurant in the hotel before they close at 9:30 and hold it for you.

    Other than that, it's a pretty tall order - Nishi-Shinjuku is an office-building district, so there aren't many late-night options to begin with. And late-night Japanese restaurants (mostly izakaya) tend not to do take-out - shops need a special permit to do take-out, so many don't.

    Think of it as an opportunity to explore the fascinating world of Japanese convenience stores. (They may even have some sushi left, although maybe not....)

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      Robb S - do you have any late-night suggestions in the Ginza area?

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        >late-night suggestions in the Ginza area?

        depends on what you're looking for. Cheap ramen? Expensive Italian? In the latter category, Sala Amabile is a sister restaurant of Aroma Fresca and stays open until 2am. Aux Amis des Vin is also open until 2am. La Boheme has two Ginza branches open until 5am last time I looked.

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          Thanks for the suggestions! Cheap ramen would be good. Got any suggestions?

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            Well there's a special deluxe branch of Ippudo, called Ippudo Tao Tokyo, that's open until 2am.

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        Thanks very much for the info, good to know. In that case, we may just wait a few hours and head to Tsukiji Market for a sushi breakfast instead. Thanks again :)