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Bobby's Burger Palace - Anyone been yet?

Bobby Flay's 13th BBP location just opened up on Sunday at the Burlington Mall....anyone go yet and if so, what's the consensus?

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  1. I tried to make it work yesterday, but timing was off.
    Went by around 3pm in case they decided to open early (their opening was posted as 5pm) but no luck.

    Interesting that you can't get into the place from inside the mall.

    1. I ducked into the mall at 1 today to use a Legal Seafood GC.
      Could see that there were 5-6 people lined up inside BBP waiting to order. Earlier I overheard two women discussing it in a waiting room while I was at a medical appt. The gist was that Flay himself had been there for the opening and would there today as well. Digressions about his good looks. (IMO, George Clooney need not lose sleep.) Four hours prior to the 5pm Sunday opening, a long line of people began queueing up outside in the sub-freezing cold. I didn't know lemmings had only two legs, much less that they live at these latitudes.

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        I was there at 2:40pm Sunday and there wasn't a line at all.

      2. Guess he was in town today:


        joanne chang-myers ‏@jbchang
        “@keithcbrooks: Hey now!! @bflay is at F2!! @jbchang” He opened a new burger palace! Welcome bobby and congrats!!

        1. Lots of replies but none from anyone who's eaten there. If you've been, please share your thoughts.

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            My family just went today. My assessment is 3.5 stars out of 5. The burgers had interesting flavor concepts, but they were a little small compared to what you get other places. My husband had a Dallas Burger that was perfectly cooked. I had a Napa Valley Chicken and I felt there was too much goat cheese in it. The fries we only OK, but there were lots of different sauces at the table to dip them in which I appreciate. I think the best were the griddles cheese sandwiches my kids had. They had 4 or 5 different cheeses and a slice of tomato, which my youngest had but my eldest did not. They were some of the best ones I had. Will I go again? Not sure. It was OK, but not spectacular...

            1. re: Velda Mae

              My husband and I went yesterday. We went in the late afternoon to avoid having to wait. We had the Dallas burger and the blue cheese burger, plus onion rings, french fries, and a dark chocolate shake. The blue cheese burger was cooked perfectly (med rare) and tasty, but very, very rich. I think there was mayo or sauce in addition to the cheese and bacon, and it's not really needed. The bun was fresh and tasty. I liked the Dallas burger, which has cole slaw and pickles. It was a bit overcooked (also ordered med rare). I though both burgers were good sized. Not enormous, but plenty of food. Our food came out right away, and all together, and hot. I liked the fries but wouldn't say they're the best I've ever had. The o-rings are thick cut, which is not my preference, and they were greasy. The shake was marvelous--rich and chocolate-y and decadent beyond belief. I would return, but I have to say I think I prefer 5 Guys over Bobby's.


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                We were there on Saturday. We compare all burgers to Five Guys and this one didn't win. My husband had the Philly Burger and I had the Blue Cheese Burger. We also got a side of sweet potato fries. We got there before noon so it only got crowded as we were leaving. The communal tables are fine but the space is not being used efficiently in my opinion. It reminded me of parking in Dorchester...if everyone just pulled up another 12 inches you'd have a whole extra parking space. It was weird too when the waitress came over and asked if she needed to explain the sauces...all the sauces are on the table in very well marked bottles. What was there to explain? We also had the issue where the waitress couldn't find our table because the numbers are very small. I don't know, maybe my experience was marred because my two-year-old had the tantrum of the century as we were leaving. FWIW, the only thing she ate on her plate was the pickle.

            2. I haven't been to the Burlington Mall location, but I have been to the one at Mohegan Sun. The burgers were o.k., the fries and onions rings were a bit greasy, and the shakes were pretty good.

              You can also get your burger "crunchified," which means adding some potato chips to the burger---like when you put potato chips on your sandwich in elementary school.

              "Spiked" milkshakes are also available with Bourbon, Rum, or Vodka.

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              1. re: SLL1065

                Spiked shakes aren't available at the Burlington location.

                I went today, and I have to say it was pretty good, especially for $7. Good seasoning on the patty, cooked just as I ordered it, and tasty sauces.

                It certainly isn't the best burger I've had in Boston, but it was probably the best burger I've had in Burlington.

              2. Funny, I was just about to post my take. We went this afternoon. Gotta agree with Ladycale. Overall, it's good but in a city with some awesome burger choices, I can't say this one stands out. The burgers are priced around $7-$8. I thought it was a small burger. 5oz would be my guesstimate. We had the fries and the sweet potato fries. Both were good and I liked the dipping sauces. Shakes were good but over-priced at $5. All in all, I think the food product is good, my only real complaint would be about service. Order at the counter, take a number and painfully watch the staff aimlessly wander the store trying to find you when your food comes up. Nothing cane out when it was supposed to. We were almost done with our burgers before the sweet potato fries came. Burgers were delivered about 5 minutes before silverware was ever brought. Fries showed up late too. It all seemed haphazard. Will I go back? Maybe, but only if I was headed to the mall anyway and I had parked on that side. Certainly not worth a trip.

                1. I have been to both the Burlington and Mohegan Sun locations. I like BBP but don't love it. There are much better burgers to be had, but if you are near there and hungry it does the trick. I don't like the communal nature of the dining room. Just not my thing. At Mohegan Sun I like to sit at the bar; at least bars are meant to be communal. The milkshakes are good and so are the dipping sauces for the fries. The fries themselves are just okay. There are some interesting burger toppings and they have a "Burger of the Month" which is hit or miss. May favorite is the Miami, which is a take on a Cubano. I have not tried "crunchifiing" a burger yet, but the fact that their claim to fame is putting some potato chips on a burger worries me. I started doing that when I was six.


                  1. I tried it. Excellent burger, friendly and professional staff, and decent prices. I wish the Crunchburger had house-made chips, and I wasn't crazy about the communal tables, but those are minor details, I guess.

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                    1. re: hiddenboston

                      where in the mall is this place? Or is it not attached to the mall?

                      1. re: Gordough

                        It's in the back, and it has an outdoor entrance to the left of Legal Sea Foods and the Rainforest Cafe (also left of the mall entrance there).

                    2. I went there two weeks ago. Overall I was disappointed and have no desire to go back.

                      You stand in line, give your order at the counter, and then sit down with a little numbered placard so that the waiters can find you when your food is ready at the pass. The girl who took my order had a bad cold and was rubbing her nose, coughing, sniffling, handling my credit card, and forgot to give me my glass for the soda fountain.

                      You sit down in communal seating which is interesting in concept for a bed and breakfast or some kind of pop-up, but for a casual burger place, I really just don't want to deal with people (1) scoping out and saving seats in advance, and (2) asking you to scoot over mid-meal so that their group can fit in. You wait 5-10 minutes and a cheery waiter brings you your food. I had their basic burger which was American cheese, a single patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a special sauce. It wasn't bad, but wasn't great. Bread was OK, and was griddled without any perceivable butter, basically a blank canvas. Patty was undersalted, and although it had a decent pink center the meat was packed way too hard and kinda gummy, no juice dripping at all. Cheese was melted, though, which is good but just didn't make up for how bland the rest of the burger was. Vegetables were fresh but kinda slid all over the place due to poor overall architecture. Fries were hot but a little soggy. There are a bunch of Southwestern-themed sauces for your burger and fries at the table, all of which I tried and none of which really stuck out.

                      Overall, without the celebrity chef association and the interesting decor, this is basically a place with a really mediocre burger and a really annoying way of getting it. I didn't mind the price because if you think it's over- or underpriced at that level, you are really talking about $1, so whatever. If I'm in the area I'd rather have a much more decent burger at Five Guys or b.good down the street. Or even Johnny Rockets, if you're limiting it to just the mall. I will give BBP the edge over Spike's in the food court, but that isn't saying a lot.

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                        I agree about the perilous piling of the garnishes. They are thickly-cut, so the single tomato slice, and the thick rings of red onion, make a getaway attempt after the first bite. My burger was medium-rare, with dripping juices, so I decided not putting it down gave me the best odds of keeping everything together. The onion rings were greasy and too salty, as was the basic cheeseburger. I had heard that the pistachio shake is the best thing on the menu. I thought it was unremarkable melted ice cream with a little milk. Overpriced at $5. Over $15 for a forgettable meal that won't be repeated. Also, the non-movable seats are too far from the table. Though I am large economy size, with long arms, I had to lean forward awkwardly to keep the drippy bun over the plate. Five Guys and B. Good have this place beat, at a lower price point, if memory serves.