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Jan 28, 2013 10:20 AM

Cacio e Pepe

Anyone know of any restaurants in Boston proper that have cacio e pepe on the menu right now for take out tonight? It is my wife's birthday and she is a huge fan. Caveat is I don't have time to travel out of the city today to pick it up and we don't have to cook it at home. Thanks!

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  1. Gran Gusto in Cambridge has something on the menu they're calling Tanarelli (which I think is the pasta type) which might fill the bill. Posto in Somerville or Cinquecento might make it for you.

    1. Gosh, being that this is quite literally the most basic pasta dish imaginable just call the Italian resto you most want to eat at and ask if they'd make it. Can't imagine anyone would say no.

      1. Cinquecento ought to -- it markets itself as a "Roman-style trattoria", and has adoringly mimicked the look and style and menu of NYC's Maialino, which serves a lovely cacio e pepe -- but doesn't. Its pastas are very nice, but I have never asked for anything off-menu there.