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Jan 28, 2013 10:05 AM

Birthday dinner suggestions for 30-somethings on a Saturday evening...

I made reservations at Bistro Romano in Society Hill for my birthday next month. In total, my party will contain 10 people. Now, the way I picked the place was by looking at reviews from TripAdvisor and I like their menu offerings. But I was thinking that there might be a better choice for us. I'm hosting so, of course, I'm paying.

I'd like to find a place with a great laid-back atmosphere--ambiance is everything to me, great group rates ($30-$40 pp), and no tv's! Don't want the sports bar kinda scene. Just want a nice dinner with my group of friends where we would be able to hear each other reasonably well.

A nice wine selection would be nice. I wouldn't mind a BYO kinda thing either. Dress code? I'm wearing a fitted dress and heels. Nothing too dressy, but it is my birthday. ;-) I'd rather it be a place where I look around and it doesn't remind me of an Applebee's, ya know what I mean?

If anyone can help... I'd appreciate it! If there is any info missing that could better help you help me, just ask! Thanks!!

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  1. Do you have a preference for location or type of food? What about price of entrees?

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      Location... I really like Old City. Scratch that, LOVE Old City. Historic areas are always a plus. Good seafood would be a plus, but I'm not really stuck on any particular type of food. I like seafood and Italian, so either one of those would be good.

      Entrees that are $20-25 dollars are preferable. I have no idea if it's even realistic to think that a budget of $500 would work for a party of 10. Is it?

      1. re: Maglet

        It would be easier to make that work if you choose a byob. Chloe doesn't take reservations but they might make an exception for a group of 10. Bistro 7 is another possibility. Although it is a bit outside of Old City, Hostaria da Elio is good and reasonable.

        1. re: JanR

          Bistro 7 is a great recommendation. They also have private dinning options beginning with 10 people, and the cost begins I believe at 35 per person. You may be stretched to fit it all into 500, depending on tax, tip and how much wine/alcohol you will bring and whether that is included in the 500 budget or you can twist others to pitch in.