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Overnight oats/quinoa

I read somewhere a recipe for overnight oats and quinoa. The recipe was very simple- bring water to a boil, add quinoa, steel cut oats and dried fruit. Turn off the fire, cover, and in the morning have perfect oatmeal.

I have no idea where i found the recipe and can't remember the ratios. Anyone familiar with this?

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  1. I always do this for steel cut oats. Quinoa cooks so quickly I don't bother, but then again I don't typically eat it for breakfast. For the oats, bring water to a bowl, add the oats and cook for one minute. Cover. I refrigerate mine, I typically make enough for a couple of days.

    1. Wow, weird. I have been looking for that as well! I just can't remember where I saw it.......

      1. 3:1 for oatmeal,never done with quinoa.

        1. I do that for steel cut oats. However I have been on the hunt for one of those small slow cookers so I can wake up to hot, cooked oatmeal.

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          1. Love the overnight method. 4 c. water, 1 c. steel cut oats. Bring to boil, turn off heat, cover and let sit overnight. This makes enough for about four bowls. I keep it in the fridge and microwave what I need.

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                I wouldn't do this -- perfect conditions for bacillus cereus to multiply, and that's gonna make you mighty sick.

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                  That's all I need. I am not sure I could fight off much more. Thank you pikawicca.

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                I've read about slowcooker ones but have been concerned that my cooker is too big even for the six adults we'll have this weekend. When you reheat, do you add more water or milk or is it fine as is. TIA.

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                  I made s/c oatmeal in a slow cooker overnight with milk, and oy, what a mess to clean. Now I make it with water and add a little half-and-half in my cereal bowl

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                    Here's the recipe I've saved (from CHOW of all places!). Says to spread a thin film of butter in the s/c to prevent sticking.

                    ETA: Oops, forgot to give the link.


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                        I wouldn't have thought to do that but when I read it I thought "now that makes a lot of sense."

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                        I made this last night and it was PERFECT!!!!! I am so impressed. Granted with two cups of oats, eight of water and two plus of milk, it made a lot. We had six adults and the babies ate a little and still have lots leftover. But I'd be willing to cut the recipe in half even for my big SC. And I'll try reheating. I highly recommend.

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                          I make oatmeal in the Sc most weekends in the winter. Spray the liner with Pam also works just as well. What's not eaten I portion out for weekday mornings at work. I freeze it as well and reheat, not the same, but a quick hot breakfast anytime. Glad yours turned out well. Did you use coconut or regular milk. I usually use water and powdered milk and then add warm milk when I'm eating it.

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                            Regular milk. I was really pretty impressed.

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                    Does this work with smaller amounts? I want to make only one bowl.

                  3. I don't only prepare oats this way I make a blend of the steel cut as well as Kasha,flax seed ,and what ever other grain I have available .Depending on the grain come morning if too thick (like a cake ) I add boiling water and simmer for a little bit .My dried fruit is usually raisins ,figs ,dates and maybe a few cloves and cinnamon .Brown sugar on the side . Real Good!!!!

                    1. I soak steel cut oats overnight all the time, but I don't bring them to the boil. Just leave them and the water at room temperature in a covered pot and cook for a few minutes in the morning. It's not quite as quick, but I prefer freshly cooked to reheated oats.

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                        I'm liking this compromise. When you say "a few minutes," what works for you? We're at a pretty high altitude so always have to adjust but a ball park would be good. Thanks.

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                          Maybe 5 minutes simmering? I usually bring it to the boil when I'm making my coffee, then let it simmer, uncovered. Then I either put the lid on till I'm ready to eat, or I put it into a glass container to take to work with me. Will make it tomorrow morning for more exact timings! Just watch for the consistency you like--it's very forgiving.

                      2. I do something similar but that doesn't require any heat. Obviously you can easily un-veganise it.


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                            I make something like this a lot in the summer with rolled (not steel cut) oats, yogurt and frozen raspberries. In the morning I add a grated apple for almost instant birchermuesli.

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                              Oh, I love it with grated apple, maple syrup and freshly-toasted slivered almonds that sizzle a bit when they hit the cold oats!

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                              I made this last night for this morning (no banana). It was good, but I liked it better after microwaving for a minute.

                            3. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/679150 is a good discussion of overnight steel cut oats in a Thermos.

                              1. Perhaps you were reading the Feb. 2013 issue of Bon Appetit, pg. 79?

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                                1. I've done a bulgur/greek yogurt/fruit overnight breakfast thing in the past. I zap bulgar and a bit of milk and frozen berries in the microwave for a minute and a half, then mix in the yogurt, cover, and stash in the fridge. It's perfect by morning, and is great cold.

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                                      Yes, I believe I did. I don't have the original packaging any more, I'm afraid.