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Jan 28, 2013 09:39 AM

Where do people go for after work drinks etc...

I'm a Toronto Canuck coming to visit. Are there places where the after work crowd goes for drinks that is popular? My experience in TO is usually a Thursday (aka Thursday Thursday) where you can hit a few places after work that are all happening with good food - restaurant, lounge or really nice pub. It usually occurs in the finance/business district starting at 5 but can go as late as 1am. Are there places like that in Atlanta?

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  1. There are. But, if you could let us know what area of ATL you'll be in - that would be more helpful.

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    1. re: chloebell

      I will be in Midtown and the downtown area (by CNN Center). Does that help?

      1. re: PlanD

        Midtown Tavern on Piedmont. It's underrated but the food is good and the drinks are reasonable.

    2. Downtown is not great for this - most people head home right after work because of the traffic battle. But a few spots might work if you're limited to walking distance from CNN. Sweet Georgia Juke Joint (decent pulled pork) and Meehan's Irish Pub are both on Peachtree, across from the Ritz, and offer the dine-and-drink style I think you're looking for. The few times I've stayed downtown for happy hour, it was to go there.

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        In midtown, Cypress St. Pint and Plate.
        Halo is right next to that as well.

      2. Up in the heart of Midtown, Tap is popular (Peachtree just north of 14th St). RiRa is a chain Irish Pub a few blocks south that is also popular. Cypress St is good also, haven't been to the others.