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MSP Dish of the Month (Feb'13) - VOTING

I know I said noon, but due to a plumbing matter of some urgency I will be closing nominations and...

Voting is now open and will remain open until 6pm on 1/30 Wednesday. Please vote only once per person, multiple votes will invalidate all your votes.

The nominated items are:
Chocolate cake
Eggs benedict
Chicken wings
Frog legs

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    1. Still pushing for EGGS BENEDICT. So many variations out there and I want to hear about, and try, all of them.

            1. re: alden

              sweet breads weren't nominated.

              how many places serve frog legs? Can't get on board.

              CHICKEN WINGS

              1. re: mitch cumstein

                Frog legs baffle me too. If they become the dish of the month, I look forward to many interesting posts. It's not something I see in my regular rotation.

            2. FROG LEGS. Chicken wings have already been talked to death

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              1. re: ibew292

                Maybe so, but rarely in depth. I think that this kind of thread should establish a baseline of quality, so that when we post about our "best" dishes, we can have a objective understanding of the things not just "the wings at shamrock's suck, or the sun rises and sets at d'spot"(not saying shamrocks sucks, just an example)
                Type of wing (whole/segment)
                cooking method(baked/fried/grilled)

                Frog legs aren't "seasonal" until april most places that actually know there is a season for it, and usually underwhelm on the 3 or so occasions I have had them, always left with the thought, "why do frog legs, just to do frog legs?" I'd get more out of a thread like that, rather than just some good old horn tooting. Just my thoughts on the thing.

                1. re: mitch cumstein

                  "But rarely in depth". So the have been talked about. Not much more to say. They are just chicken wings available in grocery store freezer cases. Frog Legs properly prepasired are amazing. Hell lets do canned chli....

                  1. FROG LEGS!

                    Yes, they ARE available in the Twin Cities. For example: 112 Eatery, Cavé Vin, Vincent (on occasion), Salut, Taste of Thailand II, Jensen's Supper Club, and - for a trip out of town - the Laurel Supper Club, New Richmond, WI. Just to name a few....



                        1. Voting is now closed and the winner is:

                          Eggs benedict!

                          Please report your February EB experiences in the report thread: