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Love me a Mexican breakfast..

For me, there is nothing more delicious than warm flour tortillas, scrambled eggs with avocado, chile, beans and rice all folded up ready to eat.

Just had a chile relleno for breakfast from last nights dinner...heaven
Soy Chorizo is fantastic and from what my meat lover friends say, you cannot tell its made with soy..scrambled up with warm tortillas.

What's your fave Mex breakfast items?

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  1. Huevos Rancheros for me. Yum!

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      I love this dish. Especially my version.

      Ladle a bit of salsa onto the bottom of a plate (so the tortillas don't stick)
      Top with a corn tortilla.
      Slather on a good amount of refried beans (I add chopped chilies to my rfb)
      Top with another tortilla.
      Cover with a good amount of salsa
      Lay sunny side egg on top
      Sprinkle with shredded Jack cheese
      Sprinkle with broken up fried chorizo (removed from skin)
      Garnish with chopped cilantro/green onion mixture.

      Break open egg yolk and enjoy.

      Not exactly traditional however I did have a Mexican tell me it was a lot closer than what I though.


    2. In this town it has to be Taco Bell.

      1. Calabacitas guisadas with black beans and tortillas, yum!! Also, I always enjoy mex-inspired tofu ranchero with lots of avocado.

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          Will you explain more about what calabacitas guisadas are? Sounds good anyway!

        2. When I lived in San Diego, I had machaca and eggs quite frequently. Or breakfast burritos. Or chilaquiles.

          1. 1) Torta de lechon w/ chicharrones & habanero salsa,30&30th in Playa del Carmen, under the blue tarp.
            2) Huevos motulenos, fruit plate in Yucatan
            3) Migas at Cisco's bakery in Austin
            4) Pan dulce and cafe at any Sanborns in DF
            5) huevos revueltos, with real Mexican bacon (hard to find)
            6) omelette with cheese and huitlacoche, topped with a warm thin red sauce
            7) Not Mexican, but my new Bahamian b'fast is callled "fire engine"; Google it.

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              8) Grilled fresh conch with a couple huevos sunny side up at Los Pelicanos in Puerto Morelos, Q. Roo MX, at sunrise right on the water, with refried black beans and fresh squozen OJ.

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                If you have coffee with a fire engine breakfast, you could be a menace to society.

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                  Muchas gracias for the Cisco's mention; since the inexplicable closing of Las Mananitas on Congress, I have not known where to get my Austin Migas.

                2. Migas, yum. Machaca, too. One of my favorites is posole cooked all night in the slow cooker. The house smells wonderful in the morning and the posole makes a hearty breakfast.

                  Chilaquiles is a favorite, too.

                  While not at all "traditional" we make breakfast nachos with cheese, eggs, green chile and chorizo. Oh, and pork tamales with cheese and red chile sauce make a great breakfast too, with or without an egg on top.

                  We also make chile rellenos with various fillings, and sometimes as a casserole.

                  1. BC: No question, manos abajos, it's Migas! Eggs, scrambled with chiles and cheese and broken-up pieces of fried corn tortillas (or chips, in a pinch).

                    1. No question: chilaquiles. I prefer verde, but will take rojo in a pinch. And a michelada, por favor. Por los borachos, a steaming bowl of pozole.

                      On a lighter note, though, there is nothing better that freshly cut up fruit in a big bowl, topped with crema.

                      1. Machaca and eggs, nice loose refries, rice and hot flour tortillas and salsa de arbol. Or if I got crudo it's menudo.

                        1. Chilaquiles! Migas! Huevos divorciados! Enchiladas suizas!

                          1. Depending on my mood - chilaquiles, either red or green, or migas. Oh yum.

                            1. No idea if it's a real breakfast item, but on a hung over morning a steaming bowl of salty birria with fatty shredded goat, chopped cilantro and warm tortillas is a life saver.

                              1. Chilaquiles. The 3 Christmases we spent in Puerto Vallarta, that was my standard breakfast at whatever hole-in-the-wall restaurant we went to.

                                1. Two burritos from the Burrito Tower in LBK. One with papas, queso and ham, the other with papas, queso and bacon. Both drizzled liberally with a chile verde that is good enough to drink straight.

                                  1. Gotta go with Chilaquiles, beans and eggs over easy. All mixed together and I'm in heaven.

                                    1. Huevos Rancheros, and variations on the theme, is one of my favorite breakfasts. So is Chilaquiles.

                                      1. Chilaquiles and a big steaming cup of atole.

                                        1. Chorizo and eggs. Add some cheese. Sometimes put in a warm corn tortilla with chopped onions and cilantro.

                                          1. You had me until the soy chorizo..... this past Sat had a nice huevos with rf beans, cheese enchalata and ..... yes chorizo, yum!

                                            1. Migas, a bowl of beans with fried egg with runny yolk on top and perhaps some fried potatoes mixed in, or a bowl of well made menudo are all faves for me.

                                              1. I love me some good barbacoa in a fresh warm flour tortilla for breakfast.

                                                1. Man, you all serious about your Mexi breakfast..love it!

                                                  Forgot about the beloved chilaquiles..heart be still.
                                                  When I lived briefly in Mexico, Nescafe is big for their coffee and love me a plate of Mexican papayas with tons of limes, squeezed all over them.

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                                                  1. re: Beach Chick

                                                    Terminology Quiz: When you (BC) and others use the term "Chilaquiles", do you refer to the dish I know, which is red sauce poured over a big handful of fried corn tortilla fragments? And, yeah, they'll toss a fried egg atop the red if ya ask for it. Or do you mean "migas-by-another-name? If you order "chilaquiles" at Hererra's in Dallas, you get migas.

                                                    1. re: dickgrub

                                                      For me, I mean just the tortillas and sauce. But, even in San Diego I saw it both ways and enjoy it both ways.

                                                      Oh, but it was always called chilaquiles. Like Beach Chick, I don't think I ever saw migas on a menu. Doesn't mean it wasn't out there, but I've only recently learned the name/dish.

                                                      1. re: dickgrub

                                                        Native San Diegan and I don't recall seeing 'migas' on any menu here but they do sound similar.
                                                        I've had chilaquiles with red or green sauce with no meat with crumbled cheese...seen scrambled eggs served on the side.
                                                        My fave is served with slices of avo and dollop of sour and warm tortillas..

                                                        Isn't Migas a Tex Mex thing...don't they use bread instead of tortillas?

                                                        1. re: Beach Chick

                                                          In retail real estate, mi opinion is worth muchos dolares, in Regional Mexican Cuisine...not so much. Un peso. My one peso answer: No, migas ain't Tex-mex. The two dishes are distinct, yet the terms sometimes blur together. Regarding bread in migas: since there are no National Menu Terminology Standards, there's no telling what a cook in some cafe in Fiddler's Twitch might serve; but the only Migas I've ever seen have had those chards of fried corn tortillas tossed into the skillet of huevos revueltos w/ some jalapeno dices and some chizz. No bread w/in ten feet.

                                                          1. re: dickgrub

                                                            In the Tex-Mex world migas are eggs scrambled with pieces of tortilla chips, and usually jalapenos, onions and sometimes chopped tomato. Most people get cheese on top, but it is optional. have never seen bread in migas.

                                                    2. I used to live a few blocks from a HUGE menuderia in Guadalajara. This place probably had (plastic) seating for more than four hundred people, and it was often full. I would go for breakfast a few times a week and either get huevos revueltos con frijoles refritos or dos quesadillas fritas- una con flor de calabeza y una con patatas. And the fried quesadillas always came out topped with mountains of salsa verde, crema and queso. I aspire to never personally deep-fry something so I can never make my beloved quesadillas myself. They remain a distant memory of my months in Guadalajara.

                                                      Of course, the other thing I freaking love is a gigantic plate of fresh fruit topped with plain yogurt and a sprinkle of granola (or puffed amaranth). I live in Calgary. You know how the light of the stars we see is really like six million years old? The fruit we get here is also about six million years old by the time it reaches us. Growing up I hated fruit, and then I moved to Mexico and was like, "I GET IT NOW!" Banana, papaya, mango, pineapple...

                                                      And all I ever want to drink is a watermelon agua fresca.