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Jan 28, 2013 07:37 AM

Are the following related? Are their names a coincidence? El Conquistador, El Compadre, El Cholo, El Carmen, El Cid, El Chavo, El Coyote. [moved from Los Angeles board]

What's the deal with the fact that all of these spots that claim to specialize in margaritas and mexican food all have a one word, "C" name? Does everyone know the answer except me?

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  1. Apophonia - seeing meaningful patterns or connections where none exist.

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    1. re: MarkC

      That's it! My future Mexican restaurant's name: El PatrĂ³n ;-D>

    2. have you noticed how many individuals have the same first name?
      it's probably a result of the same "deal." J/K

      1. with all due respect, I would be pretty shocked to find that any restaurant with a name like that WOULDN'T be serving Mexican food and margaritas.

        el Conquistador -- The Conqueror
        El Compadre -- The Friend/Buddy (possibly godfather...)
        El Cholo -- The Mixed-race
        El Carmen -- a cottage with a garden,
        El Cid -- the national hero of Spain; a nobleman
        El Chavo -- the boy, the kid
        El Coyote (c'mon, do I need to translate it?)

        The names have absolutely nothing to do with each other, other than one letter and being written in Spanish.

        (disclaimer: I'm sure the translations aren't perfect...I DID look them up...but it's enough to indicate that there is no common thread there.)

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        1. re: sunshine842

          Actually El Coyote does have two meanings. Literally translated it means, of course, the coyote, referring to the animal. El Coyote can also mean a person that smuggles people across the Mexican/U.S. border for money.

          1. re: PotatoHouse

            I was trying to stick with the dictionary definitions-- I'd heard this one, too, though.

            1. re: Servorg

              Chipotle is an anagram of El Topihc

          1. Whatever you do, avoid "El Cabron".

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            1. re: ricepad

              I'd rather avoid El Caballo! Cabron is a-ok with this gringa.