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Jan 28, 2013 07:19 AM

Help! Starving in Media....

Chowhounds please help. Just moved here from San Francisco. Spent a cold Saturday night walking State St. in Media looking for a quality place to eat that didn't charge NY or SF prices. Hard to find. Not a Yelp 4 star in the bunch. Actually most of the restaurants were 2.5 or 3 stars with $20 to $26 entrees- including for pasta!! Ended up going to Bonefish against my better judgement. Which by 9:30 p.m. tasted pretty good.

Any suggestions for a moderately priced (or less) dining establishment with an OK (or better) wine by the glass listing? Love local 'finds' and hole in the walls too.

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  1. If you like Indian, this place is supposed to be good:

    Also -- although not the best Italian in the world -- Fellini's isn't bad, has a nice atmosphere and is byob.

    For desserts, The Fountain House at Jackson and Front has old fashioned milshakes, banana splits, etc. Service is very nice and it is a good family place. They also serve creative grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs, cheesesteaks, etc.

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      Thanks Jan. Sheree Punjab is on our list. Agree Fellini's is good (not great) but Opera Night is fun. I did find a bagel place we like very much - Custom Bagel's @ 15 S. Olive.

    2. Try Azie for sushi. They have wonderful service and the food is pretty good.
      House is nice for casual sandwiches.

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        Just a word of caution for anyone from the west coast who likes sushi.. east coast sushi is not the same. You pay more for lower quality. Frankly there are only about two places in the Philadelphia area that have great sushi, without going to NYC. And there you will spend upwards of 200 a person for great sushi. This is not to say Azie is not worth trying, but you should recalibrate your expectations.

        1. re: cwdonald

          Not sure why that is, as most of the fish in CA, AZ, CO, etc. all gets FedEx'd in. But I have heard that about NYC even. That there are very high end Sushi restaurants (Nabu...Awesome!), and low quality low priced establishments. I actually did wonder into the HMart, upstairs to Tomo's. Not bad at all for the money. $8.95 for a rainbow roll. I'm used to paying $16. Not as fresh, but a solid 'good' for me.

      2. Media tends to be so-so as far as restaurants. Shere-e-punjab is very good Indian. Desert Rose does some decent and low-key Middle Eastern dishes. I think you ought to check out Lotus Farm to Table. It had been just Ok and a bit precious besides, but the new chef Ryan Suklowski(?) has jumped it up several notches. In addition, and I almost hesitate to write this, they have a fabulous pastry chef. My wife and I had a vanilla olive oil cake with salt and pepper ice cream and blue cheese marshmallows. I know, it sounds awful, but, and I'm not a big dessert lover or ice cream guy, the salt and pepper ice cream blew us away. Alex Stupak in New York has nothing on this guy. Check it out, and splurge on this place, because word is going to spread.

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          Thanks for the info. Funny that you peg Lotus Farm to T. as 'precious'. That is a common gripe I have w/ many San Fran. restaurants. It is just food at the end of the day. I have eaten at LFtoT, and would absolutely agree with your assessment. It is very good, albeit a bit curious mixing of ingredients sometimes, but a bit too too precious. And expensive. Although I like the organic bent.

        2. Giuseppe's Trattoria in Edgemont (not too far from Media) serves up some good Italian fare but everyone else thinks so too so it can get abusively noisy unless you really go early.
          You can also BYOB I am not sure if there is a corkage fee or not.

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          1. re: arepo

            While the food is okay here, the attitude and the inability to keep reservations has made this establishment a 'nogo' for me.

            1. re: OM42Braz

              How about Peter McAndrew's place in Edgemont? Anyone been?

              1. re: JanR

                I haven't myself but friends have and they liked it. Good pizza, great Italian. Also a decent selection of beer and wine.

          2. Nadia's Noodi (I think that's the spelling) is a great casual Thai byob. Diego's has decent Mexican and good tequila selection, although probably a tough sell for a West Coaster. Margaret Kuo's is also supposed to be very good.

            If you like beer, Pinocchio's Pizza has a beer garden and a very nice selection.

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              Thank you. Look like good suggestions. Looking forward to trying Nadia's. I checked out Margaret Kuo's menu and it looked way expensive for what it was. Also on a recent Saturday night when the town was hopping, they were practically empty. Tells me they probably need to ratchet back their price points. Just say'n.....