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Jan 28, 2013 07:10 AM

Musashi now open in Factoria

It's not everyone's favorite place, as it has many flaws and is more a "quantity > quality" type of place especially after the change of ownership a few years back. But some of you may be interested to know that the Wallingford-based Musashi has opened a 2nd location in Factoria.

Given the general sad state of Japanese offerings in the Eastside (are there even any legitimate places other than Izumi?), having Musashi close by is pretty nice.

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  1. Considering all the Japanese nationals who live on the Eastside, the sad state of affairs over there is puzzling.

    1. Re: eastside Japanese--I have enjoyed Ginza. For sure, it's not great for sushi, but they offer many interesting ippin or small plates items that are not available elsewhere to my knowledege, Westside included. They used to have a servicable bowl of ramen, but I'm not sure that's still available. Full disclosure: I have not been since it went yakitori and that may have changed the game there.

      The dull state of Eastside sushi is tough to understand. It seems that everywhere I've been (except for the place that was by Rock Bottom brewery that is now gone) is doing a virtually identical slate of Lowest Common Denominator nigiri and whimsy rolls. There is one long-standing place in a Kirkland strip mall that used to get some respect; can't recall the name right now.

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