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Jan 28, 2013 06:34 AM

Looking for a Prenup type dinner location for about 30 folks for about $30/head in/near Waltham

for late summer.

Private room, or a small place we can take over for the evening. Not the most risktaking of guests, however


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  1. What is a "Prenup type dinner"? I've never heard the term.

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    1. re: gourmanda

      It's a dinner in which, before ordering, a legal agreement is signed holding both restaurant and diner faultless for any tasteless, spicy or overdone food (restaurant) or behavior (customer) :D

      1. re: enhF94

        :) That's exactly what I was thinking!

      2. re: gourmanda

        what enh said.

        Or, alternatively, dinner for the out of town guests the evening before the big event.

      3. Ah, a rehearsal dinner. Look at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury. They have small dining rooms that you can reserve for such an event (had mine there). The food is simple (fish, beef, chicken) for the unadventurous diners, and the atmosphere is nice (old, historic inn). Cozy bar too.

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        1. re: Kat

          No one is going to want a 20 minute drive, although I appreciate the plug for Wayside, been too long since we've been there.

        2. Do you want that $30 to include alcohol?

          Solea does private parties and it might be a different way to go, with tapas instead of traditional sitdown. The sample menu looks pretty straightforward (no real "out there" foods), and I'm sure you could streamline it to fit your guests' tastes.

          The 2 best spots in Waltham are Capriccio and Campania, but I'm not sure if they could meet your price point. Might be worth inquiries, since alot of places will give you a deal with a fixed menu (or limited choices) for a big party:

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          1. re: Science Chick

            Good question on the alcohol, my guess is the goal is to include beer/wine. Will look into these options.


            1. re: L2k

              solea has a nice vibe. very warm. $30 with alcohol might be tough. maybe with one basic beer selection and pitchers of sangria?

              1. re: L2k

                It's been quite some time since I was at Campania, but $30 might be tough there even without alcohol.

                1. re: mkfisher

                  If a place thats kind of chain-ish (although i think there is only one left now). I needed a place for a group and we ended up at Naked Fish which has a back room that you can have to yourself . The service was really good and the food is done well although not real chowish. Actually relatives liked it so much we did it again for another occasion. The location is as central as you can get..

            2. Try Biagios in their upstairs lounge, or Marcelino's (behind the Embassy theater) has a nice upstairs room.

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              1. re: ts44

                I also know someone who used Biaggio for a rehearsal dinner & thought it worked well.

              2. I had my rehearsal dinner at Il Capriccio - They have a semi-private room on the left - it was a little tight with 30, but we made it work. The price IIRC was pretty reasonable and the food / wine was very pleasing to my Italian mother (and everyone else). We had the option of doing a set menu or just ordering ala carte - we did the latter and it worked out great. Folks at the restaurant also could not have been nicer and more accommodating. Highly recommend and definitely worth a looksee.