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Jan 28, 2013 05:14 AM

What New Recipe Did You Make Recently?

Since the New Year, I'm trying out a new recipe every Thursday night for dinner. Wondering if you've tried anything recently with great success.

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  1. I was going to make regular beef stew last night; but looking through here for ideas to jazz it up, I found an old post of mine with a recipe for Fragrant Beef Curry that I said I was going to try. Someone had been given this recipe in 1936 by his friend's mother, which caught my interest. I love old family recipes. But I posted this years ago! I had all the ingredients on hand so made it, and it is super delicious. Easy too. Whenever I have stew meat, this will be my go-to recipe now.

    Looking it up, I see I got this from Val in 2006! Belated thanks Val! Great find!!

    The only changes I made were lite coconut milk for plain, and for the tomatoes and red pepper flakes, took the easy way out and used a can of Rotel.

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    1. re: coll

      ha ha coll! Yep, that's one of my old Epicurious "keepers"...and I need to make it again soon before weather gets too hot here in FL!

      1. re: Val

        A total keeper for me too! And my husband, who thinks he hates curry, ate some with no complaints, that's a big bonus.

    2. I try new recipes quite often. My favorite that comes to mind is authentic steamed brown bread that used to be popular with baked beans. Had to find coffee cans.

      I have been having trouble finding a kale salad recipe I like but someone on an internet discussion group posted a link to a Boston Globe recipe for kale, steamed brussel sprouts and pear salad. I like it a lot.

      My "new" ingredient is probably celeriac. It's kind of pricey but I hope to grow it in this year's veggie garden. I was a nice addition to turkey soup in addition to regular celery.

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        Too funny, I just made brown bread yesterday, and now I see there is another post just on uses for brown bread! I didn't have cans, so I did it in bread pans, not the same, but still very good!

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          This is my lay-down-and-die-for favorite kale salad recipe:

          Easy to figure out from the video.

          1. re: c oliver

            I've made it and it IS delish, thank you!

            1. re: Val

              My pleasure! I learned to make it so I don't have to order it when we go to this restaurant and can order something else :)

        2. I made Golden Temple Lamb Curry out of the book "Mighty Spice" last nite, except I substituted chicken thighs for lamb for a couple of reasons. The only store I had time to get to was all out and anyway I really wanted to make sure I liked the flavor profile before I made the larger financial commitment using leg of lamb. The curry was very tasty, my whole family liked it and I will make it again but next time I will bloom the spices in a little hot oil before I put them in the blender & I'll probably increase the heat factor a little bit. The chicken was fine & actually worked out well because it took a lot less time to cook than lamb & I was running a little late when I got started.

          1. made a potato galette from ci. came out pretty as a picture.

            1. I made this pork loin roast last night for my potential in-laws, who are very "meat and potatoes" types, turned out very tasty. I had previously used it before on chops. I had a 3lb roast so I had to increase the cooking time and double the rub and glaze ingredients and use more bacon.

              I very rarely repeat recipes, I make new ones all the time!

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                This looks absolutely delicious! I'm definitely going to try it. Thanks!