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Jan 28, 2013 04:55 AM

Before I make my reservations in Paris please look at my choices and make sure I have made the correct decisions for a first time visitor!

After much searching on Chow and other sites I have narrowed down my choices - based upon where we will be touring and quality of restaurants reviewed on these sites - please help confirm I have made some good choices:

Friday Lunch: Au Vieux Comptoir
Friday Dinner: Pirouette
Saturday Lunch: Cocettes
Saturday Dinner: Chez L'Ami or Frenchie depending upon reservations
Sunday Lunch: Breizh Cafe
Sunday Dinner: Cafe Des Musees or Chez Paul depending upon reservations

Walking pastries/desserts/cheese: Jean Millet, Gregory Renard, Lemoine, La Formagerie,Michel Chaudin,Lauderee, Patrick Roger, Laurent DuBois,Gerard Mulot

If there is anything that is highly recommended at the pastry, chocolate, cheese stores please let me know as well!!!

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  1. "Cocettes"
    Which? In the 7th or St Ouen (which I did not like).

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    1. re: John Talbott

      The restaurant on Rue St Dominique. John what do you think about my other choices - from previous posts I see that you are very knowledgable about Paris restaurants, etc. Thanks for your assistance!

      1. re: mboxermd

        Thank you. Sorry I'm so late in responding (I'm moving and France Telecom/Free are driving me crazy).
        Constant's places, thus Cocottes, are all good.
        I don't know Au Vieux Comptoir
        Pirouette is terrific
        Chez L'Ami Jean or Frenchie both terrific
        Sunday Lunch: Breizh Cafe OK for variety
        Cafe Des Musees or Chez Paul (don't know Paul).

        1. re: John Talbott

          Thanks John - any other places that you would recommend for something quick while walking around - chocolate - cheese - pastry - bread - other than what I already mentioned?

    2. I think Frenchie (wine bar) is closed Saturday. Might I suggest Dauphin ( - the reasonably priced wine bar owned/operated by the chef of Le Chateaubriand, next door. It is open Saturday night and is reliably amazing.

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      1. re: Yum2MyTum

        I wouldn't call Le Dauphin a wine bar, it's much more BUT and for me its a big BUTT, I hate its stools.

      2. You are asking for affirmation of "correct decisions," but there are really no wrong answers! There are far more wonderful places to dine/eat in Paris than time to enjoy them all.

        1. Regardless of choices you have listed, you will see a lot of Americans, as your choices are favs of Americans as written up a lot by US publications.

          1. Chez l'Ami qui ?
            There are several favorite "Amis" in Paris. Please specify.

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