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Jan 27, 2013 10:32 PM

Memorable Experience in North County

Hello all!

My sister jsut got married and will be visiting me in Carlsbad soon. She has treated me many times in LA to some pretty incredible meals and I would like to show her and her new husband a good time. I was hoping for something modern or unique.

Can anyone recommend something in North County?

I was hoping I could find a Prix Fixe restaurant but surprisingly there doesn't seem to be many options here.


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  1. I'd say make the trek down to Georges. TBL3 would be the ultimate, but the nightly 6 course tasting would be quite good as well.

    Market in Del Mar offers a tasting menu. I haven't seen much talk about them lately, but they've gotten a ton of positive press in the past. I enjoyed my visit, but it's been over a year now.

    You might call ahead and see if they could do something special at 1540 - the sous Jon Bautista has come up with a lot of their modern/unique dishes, he's spent time at Voltaggio's INK in LA, and staged at Alinea.

    Ditto Flavor Del Mar - Brian Redzikowski has spent time at Robuchon's Mansion, and Nobu Matsuhisa's namesake restaurant in aspen, for a time they we're offering a tasting menu..perhaps if you call and ask if the Chef would be able to accommodate they would.

    Chef Jason Knibb's tasting menu at Nine-Ten in La Jolla is another one.

    I would go for Georges, if you really want to show a menu that is unique and representative of San Diego.

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    1. I live in North County... Oceanside and for what your looking for no. Let me phrase that with not yet. Rodzilla has a good take on it.

      Market just has not moved forward. 1540, Flavor, Georges are all great choices.

      1. George's Modern in La Jolla
        Veladora at Rancho Valencia resort
        Park Aviara Hyatt

        1. Thanks to everyone who responded. I think I will try Georges and will follow up to see how it all goes down.

          Special thanks to the legendary Rodzilla for showing up in my thread.


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            Good choice, I'm excited to hear more!

            special thanks for the incredible flattery, I'm E-blushing :D