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Jan 27, 2013 08:36 PM

Where to buy African Bird Pepper in Brooklyn or Manhattan

Hey folks, I've been a lurker for years but finally signed up to ask this question.

My boyfriend's visiting from Europe and I've been seasoning some of our food with African Bird Pepper because I love it. He wants to buy some to take it back for spicy-loving friend in Europe. Thing is, I got my pot of pepper from an ex-roommate so I don't know where the person bought it. The name on the container is Fox & Obel which seems like Chicago's kind of Dean & DeLuca.

Where can I buy this in Brooklyn or Manhattan? I work near Murray Hill and can stop into the new Fairway over there. Also, I just moved to the Church Ave B/Q stop so I have West Indian shops available to me there. I can also stop over in Bed-Stuy on the way home. Apparently the spice is originally from Cameroun. Any ideas as where I can get this?


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  1. Id suggest going to Kalustyan in Manhattan, which carries various forms of piri piri, malagueta and bird pepper

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      Yes, of course, thank you jen kalb. I totally missed the obvious. I walk by Kalustyan all the time to get lunch at Luu's Baguette. I'll stop by there this afternoon during lunch. Thank you!

    2. The original comment has been removed