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Jan 27, 2013 05:00 PM

Middle Eastern for dinner

Pregnant and craving middle eastern food. Looking for recs for a dinner spot, doesn't have to be anywhere in particular. Will travel anywhere in the Boston area. Good lamb, and hummus, would be great, but also interested in trying something new. Dive-y spots are a bonus. Thanks!

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  1. Demo's in Watertown. Not sure about hummus, but good lamb skewers. Certainly divey, in it's own way.

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    1. re: newhound

      Demos is Greek, not Middle Eastern.

      Garlic & Lemons and Boston Kebab Company are around the corner from each other in Allston, and get roughly equal amounts of my dining budget. But if you're specifically hungry for lamb, Boston Kebab Company is the better bet.

      1. re: newhound

        @newhound: I have found the food at Demos to be quite mediocre, with hummus tasting like it was prepared from canned chick peas.

        1. re: Science Chick

          I've never had the hummus at Demo's, and you may well be right that it is subpar. But I'm quite fond of their lamb shish kebab, and Jenny Ondioline loves their moussaka.

      2. Family in Brookline, Istanbulu, Esperia in Brighton, Garlic n' Lemons in Allston, Cafe Baraka in Cambridge - each is excellent - the first two are primarily Turkish, Esperia is Greek, G & L is Lebanese I believe, and Baraka is Tunisian.

        1. Watertown has 2 persian restaurants that will satisfy the need for lamb and hummus. Molana Restaurant on Spring Street in Watertown Sqaure (parking in the CVS main parking lot) or a little bit away on Mt. Auburn Street, there is Jasmine. The lamb shank at Molana is fall-off-the-bone good. Their rice is some of the best persian rice around. I haven't eaten as much at Jasmine because Molana is closer to me. If you do a search, I am sure you find some reviews.

          1. Cafe Barada on Mass. Ave. in North Cambridge gave us a decent meal the other day. Probably not worth a special trip, but decent. Barada is Lebanese - different from Baraka.

            Also Kolbeh of Kabob ain't bad. Also Cambridge, between Harvard and Inman.

            1. Babylon Restaurant in Lowell is Iraqi, and has good lamb and hummus. The Babylon chicken is great, as are the stuffed grape leaves.

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              1. re: justbeingpolite

                I chanced on Babylon last summer during a visit to the National Park in Lowell. It was the best part of the day!

                1. re: Pumpkinseed

                  Second Babylon - good spot in Lowell. Near the Auditorium if you are going up for a show.