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Jan 27, 2013 04:34 PM

One night in Portland, from SF - Where to dine?

Hello all, if I had one night in Portland to experience something wonderful and tasty that Portland has to offer, what would it be? Perhaps recommendations on both a moderate and unlimited budget. I am from San Francisco and enjoy all different kinds of cuisine, especially when it is more adventurous (such as Atelier Crenn), and may be visiting Portland soon.

The restaurants I have been interested in after reading this board are Castagna, Le Pigeon, Beast, and OX, but I don't know which of these (or if anything else) offers things that are more "unique" to Portland than I could find in San Francisco.


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  1. Also, I should note that I have been to Tanuki several times in the past, and absolutely love Jan & her food, so no need to recommend that place to me. I haven't been to many other places in PDX though (which speaks to how much I loved Tanuki, in both of its iterations).

    1. Hello!

      I am a frequesnt visitor to the PNW. When I was in PDX last year, husband and I went to Toro Bravo. Fun, delish, Tapas bar. Same owners have Tasty and Sons and a new one as of 6 Feb: Tasty and Alder. Most unique to Portland is to have lunch off the food carts in dwntown, off Division St.

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        Ahh yes, food carts of course, thank you! Though for now I was looking for recommendations for a single sit-down dinner.

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          Toro Bravo, Tasty and Sons and Tasty and Alder are all doing dinner, AFAIK, and they are sit down restaurants. I don't think any of them take reservations, though, and the first two are well known for long waits. I've only had brunch at Tasty and Sons and thought it was okay but did not live up to the hype.

      2. Castagna is amazing and looks to be very much like Atelier Crenn. Each dish is a visual and dining delight. Def for the unlimited budget!!! Aviary is also fantastic...not as high end, but the flavors that they put together dance on your tastebuds.
        Roe, the spot behind Wafu has been getting good press, and the food looks amazing, but I haven't been, I did go to Fin, his previous restaurant and I loved it.

        Be sure to try Salt and Straw, altho the lines, the lines!!!!

        Enjoy, wherever you land!

        1. I would check out Le Pigeon. They have a cool bar there where you can watch the chefs cook. Very unique menus and delicious food, especially the Beef Bourginon. :)