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Jan 27, 2013 04:17 PM


does anyone remember tastykake making a product as a summer replacement for the peanut butter tandy kakes ( later kandy kakes)
and the chocolate tandy kakes. it was a butterscotch tandy kake
w/white chocolate back in the 60's? i remember eating them, but, no one else does. i don';t think they were around long.

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  1. I'm stretching the memory bank but now that you mention it, I do recall a tan colored Tandy Take. I don't know if that was the PB version or butterscotch but I do recall the different color - that did not last for long. Great with a side of Dipsy Doodles and washed down with Fizzies.

    1. I remember butterscotch being a regular tandy kake. I live in NJ.
      Edited: just looked it up; it was actually a butterscotch krimpet that I am thinking of.

      1. I was born in Philadelphia in 1970, so I don't remember anything from the 60's...BUT I do remember fondly seasonal mint & coconut Kandy Kakes.