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Jan 27, 2013 04:02 PM

Bellingham: Dashi's new location is open!

We went on opening day and had a bowl of dashi and a steam bun. Love that place!! It was better than ever. So happy they are open in their new location with indoor seating and appreciative that prices didn't go up. And, now have extended hours, 'til 9pm M-W and 2am Th-Sat.

I'll be there often.

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  1. "Like" :-) Good to hear all's well at Dashi.

    Never been to their old location. But I'm gonna keep Dashi on my radar from now on. For stays of > 2 days down in B'ham, I start hankering for Asian comfort foods, which I guess at this time that would be limited to Dragon River (still not been) and Dashi.

    AW Bistro is off of my list now, maybe for good. If desperate, I could go to Jimmy's, but from yours and Sasha's reports of their banh mi's being bland and overpriced, they're farther down my list.

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      Must be someone else who reviewed Jimmy's. We've stopped in twice to look at the menu and simply walked out empty handed. Nothing of interest for us in there.

      Dashi is such a joy. Fast, super affordable, fresh, local ingredients. What's not to like?

      Apparently there are changes afoot to what was formerly Fino's. New owners, new menu. Not sure if they are even open yet, but since you hang in Fairhaven you might want to check it out.