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Jan 27, 2013 02:54 PM


Whoops. Had meant to look it up in the search engine to add to a pre-existing thread (if available). At any rate, I finally decided to follow of the suggestion of at least one poster and NOT get an omelette. My, my, it's amazing how avoiding the weakest link at an eatery changes your opinion of it. The french toast was simple and lovely, the quiche (onion, spinach, and ham?) was very tasty, and the croissant was also good. So odd that a place that otherwise has such tasty food can make such boring omelettes. Very happy that I've finally found stuff there that I enjoy! (since it's literally just down the street from me)

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  1. They also have decent pain au chocolat...

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      My office used to a half block west and I ate there many times over the years. I always liked their croque madame (lunch time only).

    2. I'm thinking and hoping it was me who posted the good advice about Amandine. Omelettes, routine. Quiche, really good -- flaky crust, fluffy but rich filling, well-priced at $5+. French toast, two thick slices of brioche, nicely dunked, takes a bit but comes out nicely grilled outside and rich and moist on the inside. Well-suited for splitting and sharing. And their croissant is top-notch, only $1.95 if ordered to go. Their pies or tarts are wonderful -- great crusts, good fruits or chocolate, I love the lemon curd -- just a great dessert and well-priced about $5.

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        I couldn't remember until someone updated the "Best Breakfast in Santa Monica" thread. Yes, it was you. ;) I was worried that the plain french toast would be too, well, plain, but it was quite rich w/o feeling TOO heavy and overly egg-y.

        Will have to try the other recs in the thread.... =) So happy to have an alternative to Literati (I'm about equidistant from Literati and Amandine), which is convenient but wildly inconsistent. And, off-topic, I wish a good chef would take over Bar Food! So much potential....

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          The pastry counter is full of winners. The case with approx six or seven varieties of tarts and tortes are wonderful as well. I've heard the cheesecake (looks like a loaf) are so-so and the jarred cookies have been too hars for my tastes.

      2. I go for the chocolate banana tart with almonds.

        1. I agree on the only serviceable omelets. Just curious how long it took to get your French toast? I know it takes time but Last time we were there it took nearly 40 minutes for my daughter to get hers when the rest of the family were basically already done eating.

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            Not long at all. Don't think it could've more than 10 min, once we had found a seat. The place was only moderately busy at the time; not sure if that might've been the difference?

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              I've had it be 15-20 minutes for the french toast, but never anywhere close to 40. It is another reason I like to share -- a wedge of quiche and maybe some pastries to start, and then the french toast to finish. One of the two large slices is enough, especially with some whipped cream or strawberries.