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Jan 27, 2013 02:26 PM


Any idea where I might land one of these handy gadgets?

At 1:20 in this video:

TO, Boston, NYC? Even better via the internet?



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  1. I think Joanne Weir has this offered on one of the new selling sites like "Open Sky", Daily Grommet, Groupon or one of the others. I get offers from all of them...all the time
    but check out her name first and maybe you can find it.
    Good luck

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    1. re: amazinc

      Thanks for the tip amazinc but nowhere to be found I'm afraid.

    2. After much searching, I believe this is called a Brustolina. Here is a link to the only place I've found to purchase one - Toaster Central.

      Amazon had two products that looked similar.

      Hope this helps!

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      1. re: MMari

        Ecstatic MMari, thanks so very much!


      2. has them back in stock. Mine just arrived yesterday.

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        1. re: sharhamm

          Let us know how it works for you! It looks interesting.

          1. re: MMari

            Mmari - That may be awhile! They don't ship to Canada so I had two sent to a friend in Philadelphia. They'll bring them up when they drive up to NS next time. They're anxious to use the one I got them but they don't have a gas stove there, only here in NS.

            They arrived in short order - money order Hfx to NYC 4 days, brustolinas 2 days to Phil. Thanks so much again.

            1. re: chilibeanpaste

              I'll really amazed how the bread tastes so much better for my crostinis. A nice slight char flavor, crispy outside but still a nice soft interior. I cooked them on the back burner right under the vent hood. I usually have problems with my "very sensitive" smoke alarms but the cooking is so quick I had no problem. Best new gadget I've bought lately!

        2. : Look under toaster and there is one called "brustolina gratella"(graticolla) Free shipping over $40. Buy a few to redistribute amongst friends and you're still under the price point of the one listed earlier in this thread.