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Jan 27, 2013 02:23 PM

Key West: Havana 1 or El Siboney?

Looking for great Cuban food for lunch in Key West. Would you suggest Havana 1 or El Siboney?

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  1. I haven't been to Havana 1 but was in Key West a few weeks ago and had a wonderful dinner at El Siboney.

    1. I have also always enjoyed El Siboney. Have been eating there for years and rarely ever had any complaints. I have been meaning to try Havana 1, but for some reason never made it there on the last three or four trips. I guess that isn't much help, but there have been some so-so reviews lately on El Siboney and most reviews on Havana 1 have been very good. That probably isn't much help.

      What I am trying to say (I think) is I guess if you have been to El Siboney before I would suggest you go to Havana 1 first. What the hell, you should have time to go both places unless you're only going to be there one day (couldn't even imagine that!! :) ......I will be back down at least two time this year, so I will definitely try Havana 1 this year!!

      Whatever you do avoid most of the restaurants in the major tourist section of Duval.....except for maybe La Trattoria. Grab breakfast sandwiches and cafe con leche at Sandy's or Cuban Coffee Queen. Maybe a fish taco or one of the other good offerings at Garbo's (food cart).....and if you're looking for a laid back bar hang out at Schooner's Wharf in the afternoon to enjoy some drinks and listen to Michael McCloud. For craft beer (if you're into that) stop by The Porch and Krawl Off Duval. The only half-way decent asian on the island is at Kojin Noodle Bar. If you have the time stop by the Conch Shop on Petronia (only open maybe four days a week) for some conch fritters, cracked conch, conch ceviche, souse, or a really good Nasty Burger. Don't be scared by the only outside seating and the "rustic" appearance.

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        Thank you for your suggestions. I think we had been to Sandy's previously, we'll try Cuban Coffee Queen this time. I'd love to try Garbo's but it isn't going to work out since they aren't open the days we are free. Conch shop sounds great.

      2. +1 for El Siboney. I have never been disappointed.