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Jan 27, 2013 02:04 PM

Dis-Fruta-Las - Anyone else been? Favorite fruit salad + ceviche!

This place is my new obsession and I want to see more people trying it! Mostly because I am a ceviche fiend, and I think they have an excellent shrimp ceviche there. But good fruit salads and escamochas too. Haven't tried anything else, also I'm fairly new to the Mexican fruit shop world, but I'm going to try to get something new each time.... to be the dessert to my ceviche.

3647 University Ave
(between Cherokee Ave & 36th St)
San Diego, CA 92104

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      Hah! I was all excited to post about them and forgot to say where they are. That's the address I pulled from Yelp... it also says on Yelp that they are in Normal Heights, but it feels distinctly like City Heights to me. Love that particular area - I can get some breakfast at Super Cocina or lunch at Fredcel's and wash it down with that delicious fruit salad.... I don't have fruit very often, which may be why I am becoming slightly manic about this.....

      1. re: esquimeaux

        This sounds like it's the old Fruitilandia location. Is it on the corner, 2 or 3 doors down (east) of Super Cocina, same side of the street?

        If you like Escamochas, you should really try the one at SeƱor Frog, or at the place on Friar's Rd. next to Rose Auto's and across the street from Stuart Anderson's and the nursery.

        Anyway...enjoy it

        1. re: DiningDiva

          Tropical Fruit Paradise 10387 Friars Road 92120

          1. re: Cathy

            Geez, I work up the street and didn't know about this place. Thanks!

            1. re: phee

              Phee, they also do tortas and a few other selected Mexican items. I haven't tried them, but I have seen them on other plates when I've been in, and they look pretty good. Prices are very reasonable.

              I prefer the escamocha at Sr. Mango to Tropical Fruit. The fruit is cut finer and the condensed milk topping is less cloying at Sr. Mango

              1. re: DiningDiva

                Good to know, DD. Thanks! If there's one thing that will give me an 'ew' moment, it's the use of too much condensed milk. I'll give them a try later this week.

                1. re: phee

                  It is, thankfully, pretty diluted sweetened condensed milk ;-). When it mixes with the juice that comes off the fruit it's pretty darn tasty. I'm waiting for strawberry season, both of them do strawberries and cream...guilty pleasure.

                2. re: DiningDiva

                  The tortas are very good and very large. We get one torta, a small pico and one something with fruit (something with crema or a licuado, jugo or smoothie) and that is more than enough food for two.

                  The Cubana is made with Milaneza, chicken, ham, chorizo and an egg is topped with everything (including avocado) and is a favorite. But seriously, 1/2 is enough.

                  1. re: Cathy

                    Cathy, that's good to know. I thought they looked awfully good when I was in last for fruit.

                    Weird place in a weird location, but good :-)

                    1. re: Cathy

                      I should have listened to you, Cathy. Stopped by tonight and purchased two tortas and a small pico.

                      The DH will be having torta #2 for lunch tomorrow. :)