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Jan 27, 2013 01:28 PM

Mexican Restaurants Around Charleston, SC

Finding good Mexican food around Charleston isn't the easiest thing. We've tried a good number of places, but none have been great. Our go-to place has been Los Arcos in Mount Pleasant...not because it is outstanding, but because it's consistent in quality and offers us good service.

One of the more popular spots are the Santi's locations. We finally tried one and simply were not impressed with any part of our visit.

I had recently heard about a place in North Charleston called La Nortena. People were saying it was pretty authentic, but also that the price was a bit higher than others around. We decided to try it and all I can say is that we were impressed.

We have not tried every Mexican restaurant around Charleston, but now I feel like we don't have to. We have found the pinnacle...and that is La Nortena.

People are correct in that La Nortena is more expensive than other local offerings, but in the defense of the restaurant I'll say that their portions are also larger.

My wife stated that she had not had Mexican food this good since her last visit to San Diego. We were both very satisfied...and that isn't the easiest thing to achieve!

La Nortena is our new favorite Mexican restaurant around Charleston, and now holds a coveted spot on "our" Charleston short-list for great food of any kind in this area.

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  1. This is very helpfull for me.We just got back from MP this afternoon.I need vegitarian friendly spots and I will never forgo seafood to find the best Mexican.I'll make a note!

    1. I agree about La Nortena. Also give Los Reyes a try. Two locations, Rivers and Ashley Phosphate. Both very good and similar in quality to La Nortena.

      1. I do like La Nortena a lot, but I would also recommend Los Parados on Ashley Phosphate if you are not picky.Nobody speaks English so its a point at the menu place for me , but everything I have tried has been good and extra cheap.

        1. Why would anyone want mexican while in Charleston????

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          1. re: nmtemp

            Frankly, I wondered the same thing.These folks have to live in the area so they need reliable "go too" places to grab a bite through the week and take the kids.

            We get down to charleston maybe six times a year, so unless somebody makes me, i'm not doing Mexican.

            1. re: nmtemp

              Residents don't eat downtown in the overpriced/over-hyped places all the time.

              There are some places we like going to downtown, but alot tend to leave us wondering what we just spent $80-$150 on. Many people here like the "status" of being able to go to work Monday morning and blab about where they went to eat over the weekend. Us? We just like to get good food and be satisfied with what we ate w/o worrying about status. I don't buy into the glitz & glamor if the food isn't worth the price.

              As far as food quality, I rank La Nortena up there with the best of Charleston...relative to the cuisine they specialize in.

              So, my point is that mollybelle is absolutely correct!