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Electric Pressure Cooker?

Hello folks! I would really like to purchase a pressure cooker but I am deathly afraid of them (I know they are safe). Does anyone have any experience with an electric pressure cooker? Do they do as good a job as the stove top models?

Thank you in advance!

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  1. I have both and the electric pressure cooker is much easier to use. I like the digital timer feature, just set and it does all the work.

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      Could you please let me know which one you have? I am looking at the Cuisinart.

    2. Most of the electric pressure cookers have a non-stick cook pot. The only pressure cooker that I am aware of with a stainless steel cook pot is the InstanPot. There may be others with a stainless cook pot but I am not aware of any.

      I get the urge every year to get an electric but continue with the stove top I have. I am very comfortable with it. Good luck.

      1. I cannot compare stove top and electric. I will say, however, that just a few months ago I could have posted the same as you. Now I have two stove top pressure cookers, and want more.

        You can compare the advantages and disadvantages of each in many places, I'm sure. As I recall, a stove top reaches higher pressure.

        But, geez, your alarm clock, your car, a gas pump, etc., are more complex than a stove top pressure cooker. My first was a Presto. Very happy. Put stuff in it, set it on high, and hen when steam starts coming out, put it on low, set the titmer and forget.

        My second is the Kuhn-Rikon. I like it better. It has a spring to show the exact pressure. I can micromanage better. But honestly,what I've learned from the KR is that my instincts with the Presto were correct.

        The PCs I bought have several safety features. A separate valve for over pressure. Etc. be like me. Close your eyes and do it. I promise you, the risotto alone is worth the risk.

        1. I have the Fagor Multi pot and I really like it a lot. I had a stove top pot that I never used because, whether rational or not, it scared me. I use my Multi pot quite a bit. No more mushy over salted canned beans in my house. Ditto chicken stock... in half an hour. I highly recommend it. I've used the rice cooker part only twice but have used the slow cooker more. I debated between Cuisinart and Fagor and am glad I picked the one I did. Enjoy..

          1. Cooks Illustrated looked at electric pressure cookers this month and their basic feeling was that you are better off with a stovetop model.

            Their basic complaints were that electric models are overly large, while only having 6qt capacity vs. the typical 8 of a stovetop model, they all seem to have non-stick interiors which are not durable, they're difficult to pour off any excess liquid because the interior liners are hot and have no handles, they mostly all use a 'warming' mode when cooking is complete, which for many recipes that require an immediate release of pressure means that you still have to watch them carefully, and lastly that they can't perform double-duty as a regular pot like a stovetop model can.

            1. I have numerous stove top cookers and 2 electric pressure cookers which I got just to try them out. If you really want to cook, the stove top cooker is far superior. If you want to put food in the pot, push a button and walk away, then the electric cooker is just fine.

              I agree about getting an Instant Pot versus others due to the stainless steel insert.

              I have a pressure cooking cookbook and my preference is always for the stove top cooker even though many of the recipes work with the electric cooker, if you know what you are doing.

              There is a mistaken impression that the electric cookers are safer but I don't think so. The stove top cookers are very safe - not like your mother or grandmother's old jiggle top cooker.

              Check this out to see how it works: bit.ly/PKM7SX and here's another less expensive cooker: bit.ly/TuGZlL. You cannot open either of these until the pressure comes down.

              1. I guess that I am in the minority here but I have an electric pressure cooker which I really enjoy using. It is an 8 qt. (someone posted the electric only have a 6 qt capacity) and doubles as a rice cooker and slow cooker but I rarely use it as such. My PC is also not really any larger than my father's stove top PC so size shouldn't be much of an issue. I know that electric models (and those that use them) get some guff about "real cooking" being done only on the stove but heck, if that is the issue people cooked over open flames for ages before ranges were invented too...doesn't mean I'm not really cooking if I use the hob on my stove rather than an open fire. It comes down to what is right for you. I was concerned about safety, remembering my Grandmother's PC, and I liked the other functions that came with the electric version as space is at a premium in my kitchen so an item that can do multiple things is at the top of my list. Whatever you decide, good luck cooking and I hope you enjoy it :)

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                  In what way was your grandmothers PC dangerous?

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                    No idea why it was such a concern when I was a child but we were always told to "get back" and "be careful around the PC." I remember having a sense that it could blow at any time. Granted this was over 30 years ago so maybe they have come a long way or maybe my grandmother and great-grandmother were nervous Nellys.

                2. The only issue with an electric PC is that it cannot reach the PSI ( pressure, lbs pr square inch) that stove top models can. Electric gan get up to about 8 PSI, stove top 15 PSI. It just makes the electric a little slower.

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                    Most, if not all electrics, regulate the temperature, not the pressure. 240 seems to be the normal target, which corresponds roughly to 10 psi. While 15psi the standard in the USA for stove top PCs, there's nothing magical about that number. The European standard is somewhat lower, and PCs are popular there than in the USA. The working pressure has more to do with the regulator than with the strength of the cooker itself.

                  2. I LOVE my Nesco 10 qt electric presssure cooker. I can can 3 qts or 5 pts in it which is great for a family of 2 to make a batch of soup, chicken, broth, etc and preserve some for later. It adjusts to 5, 19 and 15 psi. 3The electric stove tops now will not work with my old pressure cooker I had had for years. Nesco no longer makes this cooker and I have looked all over (internet and other) for another one for a friend that frequently borrows mine. Does anyone know of a brand and place to get one?