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Jan 27, 2013 01:03 PM

Anyone remember David's on Stuart Street?

I was going through some old papers and found notes on a lunch meeting that took place at David's at 123 Stuart Street in 1997. This is the space in the Transportation Building currently occupied by Tantric Indian Bistro. If memory serves (and it's not doing such a hot job of serving at the moment), before David's there was Bnu, a very nice little Italian place, in that spot. In any case, I'm having a hard time remembering what David's was like. I'm sure I ate there at least a half dozen times and have a vague sense that it was a place I liked, but I draw a blank trying to recall the food or decor. Any Hounds recollect the place?

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  1. Sorry, didn't know this place but I'm always willing to walk down memory lane.

    1. I think there was also a noodle place there afterwards. Was David's the iteration that had dark red walls, and was supposed to look like backstage at a theater? The food was good, IIRC.

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        You're jogging my memory! It was theatrical, though I don't think they were trying to recreate a theater backstage per se. I wonder if photos David's (and Bnu) exist somewhere online. And old menus. Both would be fun to see. Someone needs to create an archive of Boston restaurants.

      2. The food at David's was rather mediocre New American if i remember correctly. The quirky decor with its stage-like red walls and somewhat dramatic lighting was more memorable than the cooking.