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Jan 27, 2013 12:36 PM

Gordon Ramsay's Stove

Anyone out there know the brand namne odf the stove he uses here?

It certainly is a beauty.

In the process of getting a natural gas stove but it's turning out to be a tortuous road. The gas vs dual fuel oven seems to be the biggest dilemma. Some say the gas is fine but is costlier to run than electric.

GR's stove may be a commercial one and while they are considerably cheaper (probably not his baby) by the time you add the ventilation system up past the roofline it's way out of the question.

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  1. Hi, chilibeanpaste:

    It looks like a totally custom island unit, with open gas, gas solid top, and infrared as well as a separate downdraft. Gotta love the rail all around, too.


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    1. re: kaleokahu


      Okay I see the two burners and the French top and assume the raised gizmo with holes is the down draft you mention. What exactly is that downdraft for?

      And the infrared I miss completely. Where is it?

      I feared it was a custom job and yes they certainly made a winner. Strange he does his chopping on a board atop the French top, especially with all that space way over there! Probably lazy cameramen.

    2. It is a Molteni "made to measure". If you compare the burners with the cast iron grate you can see they look the same, and on other videos where you get a glimpse of the knobs, they look the same. As for the rail that borders all around the cooktop, it is a standard feature of their classic stove range.

      To the far right of the video frame, his far left, round pit with 6 protrusions, I think is their gas wok burner. The gas wok burner is an option I do not believe they currently offer.

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      1. re: khuzdul

        Wow khuzdul I hadn't noticed the wok option. That does look a bit like induction rather than gas don't you think? Or I am missing the burner?

        The Molteni MTM site isn't exactly user friendly. Still a fantastic piece of machinery and I love the height of the stove, nice and low. Great idea that rail so you can lean over the range and not get your essentials fried.


        1. re: chilibeanpaste

          It could be an induction wok burner, especially as that is their currently offered option, but I have not gotten good enough look to really tell.

        2. re: khuzdul

          It is indeed a Rorgue, we make them, so we know ;)... Matthieu, from Rorgue... Another picture:

          1. re: BrianGilligan

            Hi, Brian:

            Yep, that clinches it. But it, like all Rorgues, is a custom unit. Like I said...


            1. re: BrianGilligan

              Woah, I stand corrected! The cooktop looked like a Molteni and I know that there was one installed at Deep, the restaurant that hosted the F word in 2008, and he had refurbished a Molteni at au Trianon around that time also, but obviously that was jumping to conclusions.

              With your info, a link with picture of the kitchen from another angle:

              1. re: BrianGilligan

                Hey Brian thanks for that.. I'll send the Molteni back.

                Seriously one can only dream of a Rorgue......