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Tim Tams and other Australian foods in NY?

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I'm searching for a place to buy Tim Tams and other Australian foods in NYC.. Anyone know of a store that stocks tasty Australian food? I've checked the Tuck Shop but they don't carry them.

Thank you!!

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  1. Try Fairway; I think I have seen them at the Harlem location, where they have a lot of international packaged items.

    1. I swear I saw Tim Tams at a Gristedes's near me last year. I haven't been back recently so I don't know if they carry them regularly or if that was a rarity.

      1. I can post you some ... for a price ...

        1. There's a place on Orchard called Shi Eurasia (I think) that specialises in imports from a number of places. I was more focused on the UK and European offerings, but I suspect they also carry Tim Tams.

          1. I've seen Tim Tams at Fairway on the Upper West Side. Not sure about any other Australian foods, though.

            1. Bluestone Lane cafe has them individually for sale- $1.50 each. There are two locations - one at 3rd ave in the 50s and one in the financial district

              1. Holy Land Market on St. Marks (btwn 1st & A) carries Tim Tams.

                I know that the movie theatre (Sunshine?) on Houston did sell Tim Tams but I can't confirm that they still do..

                Finally, there is an online Australian food site located in Arkansas that ships To NYC.

                1. Oh, and Bluestone Lane also has ANZAC biscuits