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Jan 27, 2013 12:28 PM

Tim Tams and other Australian foods in NY?

I'm searching for a place to buy Tim Tams and other Australian foods in NYC.. Anyone know of a store that stocks tasty Australian food? I've checked the Tuck Shop but they don't carry them.

Thank you!!

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  1. Try Fairway; I think I have seen them at the Harlem location, where they have a lot of international packaged items.

    1. I swear I saw Tim Tams at a Gristedes's near me last year. I haven't been back recently so I don't know if they carry them regularly or if that was a rarity.

      1. I can post you some ... for a price ...

        1. There's a place on Orchard called Shi Eurasia (I think) that specialises in imports from a number of places. I was more focused on the UK and European offerings, but I suspect they also carry Tim Tams.

          1. I've seen Tim Tams at Fairway on the Upper West Side. Not sure about any other Australian foods, though.