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Haymishe Bagel Shop - Fire

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Yikes. Sad. Not sure of the damages but it doesn't sound good. No injuries it seems.


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  1. That's horrible!! That place has been around forever. I was just there getting their delicious donuts during Chanukkah. Such a shame!

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      I was down there with my 3yr old this morning - those photos don't really do justice to the epic scale of the conflagration. Sad day in the bagel district, but a great day for local juvenile "rescue action" enthusiasts, alas.

      1. re: gimel

        i guess the only positive thing to take away from this is that they say no one was hurt.

    2. Oh no, I was driving home from Dr. Laffa and traffic was a mess around there. Then I heard the news. I love Hannah and her lovely bakery - always lovely smiles and cookies for my kids. I'm so sad to read this news. The store must have been open at the time. I hope everyone is okay and that they can rebuild.

      1. I was there about 30 minutes before the fire started, buying what will now be my last loaf of Haymishe rye bread :( I've been shopping there for over 30 years, since I was a teenager and my family lived in the neighbourhood. I can't believe how sad I am about this.......

        I understand it was also pretty well regarded among Torontonians with Celiac disease for its quality and variety of gluten free products - a loss in that regard too. I'm very glad no one was hurt, and I'll have to start searching for a replacement bread.

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          I hope and pray they rebound from this.

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            I too hope they reopen. Love that place.

        2. very very sad. Always loved the challah at rosh hashanah, it was the best in the city.
          Honestly so awful for the owners, what a tragedy..

          1. I just realized yesterday that this is the place that I had put in my calendar to check out their "doughnuts" next year.... I had posted about it in the Doughnut thread.... darn...

            Sucks for the owner... Another business in the same strip plaza burned down a number of years ago..

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              Perl's. Same plaza I believe.

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                That's right. it's a very old building. I wonder if it has something to old/shoddy wiring?

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                Those sufganiyot were the absolute best in the city. I'm going to miss them, the Middle Eastern salads, the chocolate buffaloes, the onion pockets... Most of all, I'll miss the warm service. Even though I was more of a sporadic customer than a regular, the owner (the Israeli woman, I think her name is Bracha?) would always have her staff throw in an extra bread or two or some rolls "to try."

                1. re: Tatai

                  I agree! The sufganiyot were divine!!

                  1. re: kwass

                    Agree 100% with you guys - loved those Chanukah donuts so much. And the fact that you could only get them one week in the year made them all the more special. Bracha (I mistakenly wrote Chana above, but yes, it's Bracha) always threw in an extra thing for me to try as well. And if you ever asked her how something was, she always said it was the best. Their soups and chopped liver were good as well. It was just a wonderful "old school" place that evoked a lot of childhood memories for me and I now love to bring my children there for that same special bakery experience.

                    As I was reading online about the fire, I found this video about the donuts - in all the times I was there, I never knew the other owner was Bracha's husband, who was the baker. I never saw him. It was always just the group of older, funny (sometimes bickering) ladies upstairs.


              3. btw, this is the same plaza as the not-yet-open Dr. Laffa outpost.

                Dr. Laffa is like 2 doors down from Haymishe. Same building.

                Between Perl's which is STILL boarded up a decade later and the recently burned down Haymishe, that building looks like a missle hit it. Awful.

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                  I knew that Dr Laffa's was opening @ Bathurst and Lawrence, but I didn't realize that it was opening in that very plaza.

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                    Nor did I. Literally same bulding. A few units down. Maybe 20 feet.

                    Their sign is up, but not much else as of today.

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                      That makes me nervouos! That building seems to have some bad energy surrounding it

                2. Any word on updates or news?

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                    I was hoping when I saw that this thread was active again that I was going to read they were re-opening. Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything yet. Like you, I've just been waiting. Hopefully we'll get some good news soon :)

                  2. Just thought I would share this very sad picture with you all.

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                    1. re: mnajji

                      Thank you for posting this link on another thread!


                      According to this link, Haymishe is slated to reopen by Dec 31, 2013.

                      No idea if this is true but thanks for the info, mnajji :)

                      1. re: magic

                        Sure thing!

                        For some reason, I thought the validity of that reopening date on Yelp was already covered in this thread.. but I guess not.

                        1. re: mnajji

                          Yours was the first post I saw on a reopening. Will definitely be keeping watch :)

                          1. re: magic

                            That's wonderful!! Let's hope it's true!

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                          That's terrible news, three weeks too late for Hannukah donuts :-(

                          1. re: magic

                            I saw an ad from them yesterday saying they would be opening in the spring.

                            1. re: mrzee

                              That is incredible!! Thank you for posting, mrzee.

                              Same plaza?

                              1. re: magic

                                Yes, same plaza. The ad had a number to call for update information. I didn't post it originally because I mispalced it.

                                Here it is : 416-781-4214

                                1. re: mrzee

                                  Thanks so much! Will call for sure.

                              2. re: mrzee

                                Great news. That whole plaza will likely get a facelift now that a kosher supermarket is opening up where Perl's was. The facade at that end is now looking very good.

                                1. re: Tatai

                                  Let's just hope that the curse has been lifted!!

                                  1. re: Tatai

                                    A kosher supermarket eh?!