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Jan 27, 2013 10:46 AM

Restaurant in DC with round tables

I'm looking for a decent restaurant in DC with a round table for 8 people. I'd really like to allow everyone to join in the conversation. It doesn't matter what type of brunch or cuisine it is as long as you like it/have heard good things. Any ideas would be appreciated. TIA!

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  1. Oceanaire has a round table.

    Old Ebbitt Grill has a round table in the atrium area.

    (Most of the Cantonese restaurants in Chinatown have round tables, but I would *not* recommend any of them.)

    1. that's a tough call, decent food, AND a room quiet enough so conversation is possible over a 6' diameter table?

      Plume? I've never been but have heard good things about the food and ambiance.

      Poste has a small quiet room with a round table (and a few others) in the SE corner IIRC, where I had lunch once with a work group about that size. nice room, easy to talk, spectacular food? no, but quite good, that was a long time ago. things change.