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Jan 27, 2013 10:24 AM

help me figure out what kind of waiter's corkscrew this is

I love this wine key, but its time to get a new one. Don't know where I got it, and have spent 20 minutes trying to find a new one online. no dice. i can't find any kind of logo anywhere on it. its a totally different design than all the other double-hinged ones.. it allows you to push down and then pull up instead of pulling up twice. i like it. it minimizes destroying the cork when first you first start to yank on an old one

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  1. I have a couple, but got them from the beverage distributor as free gifts. Maybe ask at your liquor store if you're on good terms with them?

    1. can't help, never seen one like that - post back if you find it again - I'd be curious to give it a try.

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        I wonder if you were to repost on the "wine" board if you might have better luck finding someone who might be able to help.

      2. It's not exactly the same, but the Pulltaps corkscrews work on the same principle

        1. Like coll, I have one like yours, a liquor store of my favs, tho

          1. I have a black one just like that I got from BevMo. Love the cork lever thing.